Security Grilles

3 Amazing Benefits Of Security Grilles For Businesses

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Business owners often overlook the importance of security grilles. Yet, these simple features prevent business losses by deterring would-be criminals. Last year alone, property crime victims suffered losses of about $15.6 billion. This involved burglaries, thefts, and even arson. For business owners, any extra costs can hamper growth or cause their businesses to shut down. […]

Loading Dock Levelers Portland

4 Must-Know Tips for Loading Dock Leveler Safety

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For many businesses, loading docks are the center of the action. Loading docks are often times the hub for receiving, unloading, and loading goods. Loading and unloading is an arduous and fast-paced task. It typically involves a forklift or other material handling equipment when it comes to larger packages or pallet loads. Clear loading dock […]

Overhead Garage Door Springs

Overhead Garage Door Springs – Everything You Need to Know

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A garage door comprises of a number of components, including springs, cables, hinges, brackets, and levers, so it is not one single part that is completely responsible for raising and lowering the heavy garage door. If you have not had any preventative maintenance done on your overhead garage door yet, you should start doing so […]

Vinyl roll-up overhead garage door

Benefits of Vinyl Roll-Up Overhead Garage Doors

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Vinyl roll-up overhead garage doors are used in virtually every industry today, as they are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes depending on your application. These industrial doors are a great solution for environmental separation in factories and warehouses. They can be found in food processing areas, large freezers, pharmaceutical supply rooms […]

Garage Door Opener

Quick Tips on Residential Garage Door Opener Repair

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There is nothing more inconvenient and frustrating than having a jammed garage door. You’re in a rush to get somewhere or if you’re coming from somewhere and it’s raining and the garage door won’t open. However, this is nothing to lose your cool over because there are a couple of really effective tips you can […]

Loading Dock Leveler Portland

Loading Dock Levelers – An Overview of the Popular Types

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Dock safety, as well as overall warehouse loading and unloading safety protocols, grow in importance every year; especially when it comes to newer and more innovative technology launched to help expedite the entire process. When it comes to loading dock levelers, there are 4 types commonly used which include: Mechanical Dock Levelers Hydraulic Dock Levelers […]

Overhead Garage Doors Oregon

The Importance of Investing in Insulated Overhead Garage Doors

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Insulated overhead garage doors have become increasingly popular these days. That is all thanks to the fact that they not only help keep pesky insects, rodents and intruders from entering your home, they also help to reduce your energy bills and protect your garage from outside elements. Residential garage doors with insulation are designed to […]

Fire Rated Doors

Benefits of Installing Commercial Fire Rated Overhead Garage Doors

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There is nothing more important than the safety of your staff and the facility they work in. Your foremost priority should always be to have in place all the necessary components that aid in providing a safe working environment and prevent loss of life. Fire rated commercial doors for example, are one of the ways […]

Security Gate

Your Storefront Security Gate Can Look Good and Perform Well

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Did you know that the right security gate can potentially have the power to lure-in more customers? Most of us only look at them as a way to keep their businesses safe after hours, but with an aesthetically pleasing security gate, your business can keep attracting customers even after you are closed for the day. […]