Loading Dock

10 Things to Consider when Designing Your Loading Dock Area

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Most companies, like yourself, have loading docks that you receive and ship out your goods from, and these areas usually have a flurry of activity going on; which is why it is very important that all measures are taken to ensure that your loading dock is safe and running efficiently. Loading dock areas should be […]

Why it is Important to Check Your Overhead Garage Door Springs

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Like most people, you probably don’t pay close attention to the springs of your overhead garage door. While this oversight is understandable, the fact is that they are the most important parts when it comes to raising and lowering your overhead garage door, and so it is important to ensure your garage door springs are […]

Energy Savings Garage Doors

What Makes an Overhead Garage Door Energy Efficient?

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Most people overlook the importance of having an energy-efficient overhead garage door in their quest for an energy-efficient home. If your garage is directly attached to your property, having an energy-efficient overhead garage door will prevent the cooled or heated air from escaping, driving up your energy bills. Besides helping you save energy, energy-efficient overhead […]

Troubleshooting Your Stuck Overhead Garage Door

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When your overhead garage door is stuck in the open or closed position do not let the frustration get to you! More often than not, the problem is pretty easy to resolve. With minimal effort you can troubleshoot your overhead garage door controls or safety, and you can keep the repair person away, saving money […]

Fire Rated Overhead Doors

The Importance of Fire Door Drop Testing

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A great amount of hard work and effort goes into establishing, and running your business on a daily basis. Therefore, protecting it is something you have to do in order to ensure the safety of your customers and employees. With safety in mind, if your company has taken the extra step and installed fire rated […]

Insulated Overhead Garage Doors

Advantages of Installing an Insulated Overhead Garage Door

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To insulate or not to insulate? That is the question! Well, your overhead garage door does so much more than just keeping out intruders, protecting your valuables and goods, and being a point of entry for your home or business. It also acts as a protection barrier against the outdoors, keeping you sheltered from all […]

Overhead Garage Door

Is It Time to Replace Your Overhead Garage Door?

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Your overhead garage door is often used as a main entry point to your home or business. That’s a lot of opening and closing over the year! Despite the frequency with which these doors are used, most people rarely take the time to inspect the condition of their overhead doors until they break down. The […]

Garge Doors

Added Benefits of Smart Overhead Garage Door Openers

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If you have a garage door at your home or business, you probably are aware of the numerous benefits they bring. Not only do they protect your property from break-ins, but also provide a secure place to store your possessions. Garage door openers are not the same as they used to be. Smart garage door […]