Overhead Roll Up Doors

5 Great Benefits of Overhead Roll up Doors

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There are all types of commercial garage doors, with each type possessing something a little different in the ways of benefits and downsides. In this particular post, we’ll discuss overhead roll-up doors. These doors can accommodate a number of different purposes but are often used on warehouses and other commercial properties. Here are 5 benefits […]

Loading Dock Levelers

Everything You Need to Know About Loading Dock Levelers

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Like all commercial and industrial operations, the right dock leveler will make your job easier. It should improve the safety and efficiency of your facility since it forces this operation to become a more streamlined effort. But, believe us when we say, there is an abundance of options available. You need to understand the ins […]

Folding Security Gate

How Can Retail Stores Benefit From Folding Security Gates?

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Are you looking for a way to help safeguard your retail store? According to the National Retail Federation, “thefts from retailers and other inventory ‘shrink’ was approximately $48.9 billion in 2016. This was up from $45.2 billion just one year before — an increase of over 8%. Protecting your business from theft can be an […]

Overhead Garage Door Installers

How To Prepare For An Overhead Garage Door Installation

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A new overhead garage door is a fantastic investment for a number of reasons. For instance, it’s estimated that a new overhead garage door can boost your home’s value through the much sought-after curb appeal. Aside from looking nice and adding resale value, you’ll get an increased sense of security. The older a garage door […]

Fire Rated Doors Seattle

Fire-Rated Doors: What They Are And How They Save Lives

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Many places of business are required to have fire-rated doors throughout the facility. The location and requirements vary depending on the state or municipality you’re located in, but the requirement for fire doors and breaks is universal, in one form or another, throughout the country. While death and property loss in fires is trending downward, […]

How To Choose The Right Loading Dock Seals

How To Choose The Right Loading Dock Seals

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Most loading dock doors are 8’ wide by 10’ high and when they open they create a huge hole that allows expensive conditioned air out of the building.  So how can you minimize this expense and inefficiency?  Installing loading docks seas should be at or near the top of your list. Think about it. Most […]

Security Grilles

3 Amazing Benefits Of Security Grilles For Businesses

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Business owners often overlook the importance of security grilles. Yet, these simple features prevent business losses by deterring would-be criminals. Last year alone, property crime victims suffered losses of about $15.6 billion. This involved burglaries, thefts, and even arson. For business owners, any extra costs can hamper growth or cause their businesses to shut down. […]

Loading Dock Levelers Portland

4 Must-Know Tips for Loading Dock Leveler Safety

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For many businesses, loading docks are the center of the action. Loading docks are often times the hub for receiving, unloading, and loading goods. Loading and unloading is an arduous and fast-paced task. It typically involves a forklift or other material handling equipment when it comes to larger packages or pallet loads. Clear loading dock […]

Overhead Garage Door Springs

Overhead Garage Door Springs – Everything You Need to Know

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A garage door comprises of a number of components, including springs, cables, hinges, brackets, and levers, so it is not one single part that is completely responsible for raising and lowering the heavy garage door. If you have not had any preventative maintenance done on your overhead garage door yet, you should start doing so […]

Vinyl roll-up overhead garage door

Benefits of Vinyl Roll-Up Overhead Garage Doors

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Vinyl roll-up overhead garage doors are used in virtually every industry today, as they are available in a wide variety of styles and sizes depending on your application. These industrial doors are a great solution for environmental separation in factories and warehouses. They can be found in food processing areas, large freezers, pharmaceutical supply rooms […]