loading dock equipment

Advantages Of The Different Types Of Loading Dock Equipment

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Your loading dock is where all of the magic happens. It’s where transport begins and ends. Producing the product, and packing it up–it’s only half the battle. The other half involves loading and unloading your products quickly and carefully and finding the best way to make a difficult job run a little bit smoother. There […]

preventative maintenance programs

Why Preventative Maintenance Programs Are So Beneficial

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Preventative maintenance is a must-have for businesses. It ensures that both your tools and equipment run at their optimal capacity and efficiency. This sort of maintenance usually includes the cleaning and adjusting of parts of your machinery so they can run smoothly. And by choosing to take a preventative approach, you are giving yourself peace […]

overhead garage doors

Overhead Garage Doors In Places You Wouldn’t Expect

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You may find this hard to believe, but overhead garage doors aren’t only for garages. In recent years, garage doors have been trending in a variety of other places, such as homes and businesses. With the ever-increasing style options to choose from, these doors are being used in a variety of architectural applications. Glass panel […]

traffic impact swinging door

How To Choose The Right Traffic Impact Swinging Door

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Is your business missing the wide range of benefits that come with having a traffic impact swinging door? Traffic impact swinging doors can be beneficial in businesses of all types and a wide range of industries. You can commonly find these doors in warehouses, restaurants, commercial kitchens, retail stores, grocery stores, and more, helping to […]

insulated commercial overhead garage doors

Are Your Insulated Commercial Overhead Garage Doors Ready For Winter?

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It’s a well-known fact that cold temperatures can have an ill-effects on the pipes inside your home or business. Did you know, however, that harsh winter weather can also affect your insulated commercial overhead garage doors? Maintaining productivity in your factory or workplace is crucial to ensure your garage door is in good working order […]

vehicle restraints

Everything You Need To Know About Vehicle Restraints

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Industrial warehouses often make use of loading docks in their shipping department. These areas are an essential part of production as they keep products coming in and going out of your facility. However, when vehicles are not adequately secured at the loading dock, accidents can happen. Vehicle restraints are a must-have component to keep trailer […]

cold storage doors

Your Cold Storage Door Guide

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If your industry requires climate control, cold storage doors are an excellent option. These specially-design doors are insulated in a way that keeps cold air trapped inside of your facility. Standard-style overhead doors may keep bugs and outdoor contaminants out, but they are not capable of keeping temperatures cool. Authority Dock & Door provides industrial […]

garage door maintenance

Prepare For The Winter Months: Fall Garage Door Maintenance Tips

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After the warm, sunny months have said their goodbyes, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your property. Having a well-maintained garage door is essential because it’s one of the most substantial moving parts in your entire warehouse or home. With the proper maintenance, your overhead door will run smoothly for years to come. Fall […]