garage door maintenance

Prepare For The Winter Months: Fall Garage Door Maintenance Tips

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After the warm, sunny months have said their goodbyes, it’s time to start thinking about winterizing your property. Having a well-maintained garage door is essential because it’s one of the most substantial moving parts in your entire warehouse or home. With the proper maintenance, your overhead door will run smoothly for years to come. Fall […]

loading dock levelers

Could Your Operation Benefit From Loading Dock Levelers?

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There are plenty of reasons to include loading dock levelers as an integral part of your facility. Finding the best model to suit your needs is essential as not all warehouses are created equally. Once you’ve determined the type of dock you need and get it installed, you’ll begin to notice a marked improvement in […]

security grilles

Storefront Door Security Options for Your Commercial Business

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The days of leaving your doors unlocked are long gone, and this sentiment couldn’t be more real in terms of your business. When it comes to storefront door security options, you want something protective with high visibility. Security grilles, gates, and shutters are anti-theft and anti-vandalism accessories that keep your store and merchandise protected. When […]

Energy Incentive Programs Are You Missing Out

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Shopping for new overhead garage doors can be challenging no matter what type of door you’re looking for. There are so many different types, styles, and materials available that making a choice can start to feel like a headache. When you work with companies like Authority Dock & Door, however, they might ask you a […]

Fire Rated Doors

Fire Rated Doors: How They Work & Their Benefits

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Each year, there are an estimated 27,500 fires in storage structures, 18,000 fires in stores and offices, and overall, a total of almost half a million fires in some sort of structure or dwelling. Fire is a very serious threat to your business. Because of this, many business owners choose to install commercial fire-rated doors […]

Loading Dock Leveler

The Different Types of Dock Levelers

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Did you know that the average forklift operator passes over conventional dock levelers more than 100,000 times per year? With each trip, the operator experiences an undesirable jarring sensation due to bumps and gaps that are present in outdated leveler systems. Not only is the operator affected but the equipment and products being transported are, […]

vinyl roll up doors

What Are Vinyl Roll Up Doors & Their Advantages?

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Some of the most heavily used parts of any building are its overhead doors, which are constantly opening day and night. So how can Authority Dock & Door help? Simply put, we offer some of the best vinyl roll up doors on the market. Here’s a quick look at what we can do to help […]

commercial overhead doors

Commercial Overhead Doors And The Advantages They Provide

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The commercial overhead door you choose for your business makes a huge difference in many ways. For one, it is the first thing that people will notice about your facility, and a quality overhead door immediately adds aesthetics and value to your premise. Even better, it is one of the most used pieces of equipment […]