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Are you tired of insects and debris flying into your facility when the exterior door is open? Do you need a reliable overhead door that will maintain the temperature of your cold-storage area? If the answer to questions like these is yes, you might want to consider what a coiling overhead door could do for your business.

At Authority Dock & Door, our expertly trained team understands the importance of having a high-performing commercial garage door to protect your warehouse space or facility and keep your working environment comfortable.

If you want the best option for your business, there’s a good chance you’ll be impressed by the industry-leading performance and durability of our coiling overhead garage doors.

What Is A Coiling Overhead Door?

Compared to sectional overhead doors that lie flat against the ceiling or walls of commercial facilities, coiling overhead doors roll into a barrel, which is held above the door frame when in use. The barrel is placed outside the room for interior doors, while the barrel for external doors is located inside the space.

Depending on your business’ unique needs, coiling garage doors are available in various speeds, styles, and sizes. They can also be purchased as either insulated or non-insulated.

What Are The Benefits Of Coiling Garage Doors?

Coiling overhead doors come with several vital benefits for business owners. Not only do they improve the overall efficiency of your operations, but they will improve the work environment, as well. Your employees will have a more comfortable space to work inside, enhancing their mood and productivity during their shifts.

Commercial coiling doors can also help lower your monthly energy bills by controlling your facility’s temperature and preventing air from seeping out.

Along with preventing insects and airborne contaminants from entering the facility, the improved climate control offered by coiling garage doors is especially important for businesses that depend on a structured environment for their products and materials.

Improve Your Commercial Space With A Coiling Overhead Door

Did you know that high employee morale can actually boost the success of your business? What better way to enhance the mood of your staff than providing them with a pleasant work environment that’s free of outdoor contaminants and other nuisances.

By installing an insulated or non-insulated coiling overhead door from Authority Dock & Door, you’ll upgrade your work environment, better control your facility’s temperature, and lower your monthly energy bill.

If you’re mulling over the addition of a garage door in your commercial or industrial business, there’s no better choice than our quality coiling overhead garage doors.

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