Insulated Sectional & Coiling Overhead Garage Doors

Sectional Overhead Door

An Efficient Way to Help Reduce Your Energy Costs

There are two ways to go with industrial overhead garage doors. There’s the insulated versions and then there’s the non-insulated versions. Every facility owner wants to protect their establishment from all sorts of exterior elements, including pollutants, insects, noise and temperature.

Why Choose an Insulated Overhead Garage Door?

Opting for an insulated overhead garage door makes for a perfect choice due to the many benefits they offer. We, at Authority Dock & Door, offer a wide range of insulated coiling and sectional overhead doors for you to choose from that offer:

1. Lower Energy Costs

Along with ensuring protection from the elements, insulated garage doors offer an efficient way to reduce energy costs. The cost of electricity keeps on increasing, and bills can cut into your profits. Trying to keep the facility cool during the summer, and warm during the winter, can cost a lot! However, insulated overhead garage doors help to maintain a consistent the interior temperature, no matter what the temperature is outside.

2. Lower Noise Levels

Your workers deserve a comfortable environment to work in. Hearing all sort of external noise can end up distracting them and decreasing their productivity. But with insulated doors, the sound coming from the outside can be reduced, allowing your employees to focus on their work.

3. Added Value

Installing insulated overhead garage doors can also help to increase the overall value of your property. They make for a good way to increase your asking price if you plan on selling the facility.

We offer insulated models of both sectional or coiling overhead garage doors – are you wondering about the difference between the two? Sectional overhead doors, as the name states, are a garage door that has sections and roll vertically up the interior wall or up against the ceiling. Coiling overhead doors on the other hand, coil up into a barrel when they open.

Feel free to check out the many models of insulated sectional and coiling overhead garage doors we have to offer by clicking on the ‘PDF’ of each model, and contact us with any questions you might have. From delivery to installation, we take care of everything!