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Why Your Warehouse Loading Dock Should Have Vehicle Restraints

vehicle restraints

When it comes to your industrial facility, safety is at the forefront of importance. Whether it be a warehouse, manufacturing plant or distribution center, loading docks are often one of the most unsafe places for employees to work in. Why? Because of unsecured vehicles and trucks.

Loading docks are one of the busiest areas of an industrial facility. They can pose risks for truck drivers, to forklift operators and shipping personnel. Activities that happen at loading docks are often risky and dangerous. Toss in the fact that the employees who are performing these high-risk duties are also working at a fast pace, to meet the needs of production, doesn’t help the situation either.

One advance in technology that has significantly reduced workplace accidents at the loading dock is the use of vehicle restraints. If you own and operate some form of commercial facility, you really need to employ the use of truck restraints so that vehicles do not edge away from the dock until they are cleared to do so.

Parking incorrectly, vehicle creep and unscheduled truck departure are all reasons to invest in vehicle restraints. Even if your facility has always maintained a safe loading dock environment, accidents can still occur and result in physical injury, expensive damages to equipment and a decrease in shop productivity.

What Can Vehicle Restraints Do?

Basically, vehicle restraints help keep your employees safe by securing trucks during loading and unloading of inventory. Without vehicle restraints, trucks can edge away from the dock and cause damages to your facility as well as harm to truck drivers and employees. The restraint applies a massive amount of pressure to the truck to prevent this from happening.

No matter how safe your industrial facility is, two major issues can still occur: unscheduled departure and vehicle creep. When you have truck restraints in place, these issues can be avoided, and in turn, keep your employees and facility free from harm. A simple vehicle restraint can save you money and increase operational output.

Summary – Vehicle restraints are meant to reduce workplace accidents by applying pressure to trucks to prevent them from moving.

Benefits Of Vehicle Restraints

When you’re running a business, keeping your workers and visitors safe is the utmost of importance. Vehicle restraints can help keep your workplace incident-free when your loading docks are equipped with the proper devices.

Truck restraints are known to get rid of problematic missing wheel chocks and allow for a large range of trucks and trailers to be secured. These two things in themselves, can significantly decrease injuries and accidents among workers.

Worker and truck driver safety is also improved by preventing early truck departure. Sometimes, a driver will attempt to move his truck away from the loading dock before he is scheduled to do so. A vehicle restraint can stop this from happening.

Trailer creep is another problem that can take place at the loading dock. This involves the trailer slowly edging away from the dock due to the forceful impact of the forklift while moving back and forth between the loading dock and trailer. Should this happen, a gap can occur between the dock and truck bed and cause the forklift to fall into it.

vehicle restraints

Most vehicle restraint systems can be customized to have stop and go light communication systems for additional security. You’ll find that vehicle restraints are easy to obtain and allow facilities to increase loading dock safety, affordably.

Another point to keep in mind is that loading docks that are not secure and safe for employees which can result in costly law suits, workman’s compensation fees and more. It is best to protect your investments and prevent your insurance from going up by purchasing vehicle restraints. Unsecured trucks are not worth losing your business and reputation over due to workplace accidents.

Summary – Vehicle restraints offer a host of safety benefits that help prevent loading dock injuries and accidents from occurring.

Purchase Loading Dock Equipment From Reputable Manufacturers

It’s important to purchase vehicle restraints from a reputable dealer such as Authority Dock & Door. Not all truck restraints are made equally. You want to get restraints that are crafted from high-quality materials. After all, you need them for the safety of your workers and your equipment. Settling for flimsy, poorly-made restraints is still putting your employees at risk.

Our vehicle restraints come in three different versions: hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical. Optional touch control panels, as well as interior and exterior LED light communication systems are also available.

The type of vehicle restraint your facility will need all depends on your loading docks, how frequently they are used, and what your personal preferences are.

Summary – Vehicle restraints need to come from reputable sources to prevent receiving compromised equipment.

Contact Our Vehicle Restraint Specialists To Find The Model That Best Suits Your Needs

If you’re still on the fence about whether or not your industrial facility needs loading dock vehicle restraints, our helpful customer associates can answer your questions. We have a variety of truck restraints to choose from, depending on the needs of your facility. We are here to help you make an informed decision and to ensure that your loading dock is safe and secure for your employees, visitors and equipment.

We understand that choosing vehicle restraints for your business is a big deal. After all, your worker’s safety depends on it. When there are workplace accidents at the loading dock it can cost you time, money and productivity, not to mention, a possible law suit. We take pride in helping you to avoid all of this by providing you with the best vehicle restraint systems in the industry.

For a FREE estimate or to schedule an appointment, call Authority Dock & Door at 503-594-8968 or 877-247-2935. Feel free to send us an email at: sales@authoritydockanddoor.com.