4 Signs That You Need Professional Overhead Garage Door Repair Services

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Overhead Garage Door Repair Services

You’re ready to start your busy day at the warehouse, but there’s one problem: Your overhead garage door will not go up. What should you do — after letting out a few groans and even some choice words, of course? Contact a provider of garage door repair services.

Research shows that the demand for overhead garage door technicians is expected to continue to increase through 2020 as new business and home construction accelerates.

So, if you need professional help with your business garage door, you’re in good company. But besides having a door that will not open, how else can you tell you need professional assistance?

We’ve compiled a guide on how to tell if you need professional garage door services.

Let’s get started!

Problems with Opening and Closing Your Door

Having a door that will not open or close is among the most crystal-clear signs that you need overhead garage repair assistance. But wait — before you contact a company, be sure that nothing is blocking the door or the sensors.

If the spaces around the sensors and the door are clear and you still can’t get your door to work, then it’s time to get professional help.

Sensors and Cables

The problem you’re dealing with may include misaligned sensors or faulty wiring. In the case of misaligned sensors, the sensors may need to be adjusted, cleaned or replaced altogether.

A provider of overhead garage door repair services can also replace snapped cables, which may prevent part of the door from moving up as well.

Springs, Tracks, and Opener

If you have extension springs that are squeaking, meaning your door may end up falling down at some point, it’s best to leave this potentially dangerous problem to a professional, too.

Likewise, if your garage door is jammed, is uneven or is struggling to open, you may need to have your torsion springs replaced.

Another possible reason your door is not closing or opening properly is that a track is bent. In this case, you’ll likely need to have the track straightened or replaced.

Maybe your overhead garage door itself is fine but the door opener has decided to quit working. (But who can blame it considering the average one closes and opens around 1,500 times annually?)

The possible reasons for a malfunctioning overhead garage door run the gamut. Fortunately, a repair professional is trained to solve the puzzle quickly so that you can get back to business.

Creating Noise

Another sign that your overhead garage door needs a professional touch is it is making a great deal of noise while closing or opening.

Excess noise is often due to lose hardware. However, other possible causes include hinges that require lubrication, rollers that have worn out or a faulty door opener.

If you don’t address these relatively simple fixes early on, you could find yourself with much more expensive issues on your hands.

And then your garage door will not be the only thing making a great deal of noise.

Response Time

If you use your overhead garage door enough, you know how much time it usually takes for it to move after you have pushed the button to move it.

There should be no hitching or delay. If you notice a delay, then you likely have an issue with your door opener or the door itself.

How We Can Help

We have a qualified team of support staff and technicians who are ready to tackle your commercial overhead garage door problems.

Contact us to find out more about our free service estimates and even our same-day overhead door service so that you can get back on track with your busy day.

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