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Coiling Counter Shutters

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Coiling Counter Shutters
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Does your business have a counter space that requires extra security after the workday is done? If so, you might benefit from installing one of the coiling counters shutters at Authority Dock & Door.

These sleek, durable, and eye-catching shutter products provide the necessary protection required for restaurants, schools, retail spaces, and more. If you’re worried about leaving certain products and materials easily accessible after hours, these shutters are the optimal solution.

What Are Coiling Counter Shutters, And How Are They Used?

Unlike a typical garage door, coiling counter shutters (or rollup counter shutters) don’t block off an entire doorway or wall. They close off counter-top areas, window openings, and areas with sills. Each of these shutter systems is fully customizable to meet the unique needs of your business.

They’re available in various materials, including stainless steel, steel, and aluminum. They can also be purchased with either solid or ventilated slates and are sized to meet your space’s requirements specifically.

Several different types of industries can benefit from coiling counter shutters, but some of the most common include hotels, cafeterias, sports stadiums, libraries, retail shops, banks, and offices.

What Types Of Benefits Come With Coiling Shutter Products?

Thanks to the high-quality materials used to create the coiling counter shutters at Authority Dock & Door, one of these products’ most significant benefits is their industry-leading durability. That’s not all, though!

These are also made to reduce interruptions to your day-to-day operations and keep work running smoothly.

You’ll also be impressed to learn they’re energy-efficient and eligible for certain available incentive programs that can further benefit business owners when rollup counter shutters are used.

Enhance The Workflow At Your Commercial Or Industrial Business

As business owners, we’re continually looking for innovative ways to improve our companies’ productivity, security, and energy-efficiency.

Suppose you want to restrict admittance to your commercial space after-hours while still providing convenient, easy access during business hours. In that case, the coiling counter shutters at Authority Dock & Door can help. Our industry-leading technicians can help you figure out the best types of counter shutters for your business and assist you in customizing them to your precise needs.

Don’t get caught without the best products for your facility—let us help you out!

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