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Overhead Commercial Door Repair Services

Preventative Maintenance Program

Overhead Commercial Door Repair Services
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Looking to promote safety within your facility without having to pay too much? Looking for a way to prevent costly downtime? Look no further; what you are looking for is the Preventative Maintenance Program offered by Authority Dock & Door to the Greater Portland OR, Salem OR & Vancouver, WA areas.

How Our Maintenance Program Can Help Your Operation

The maintenance program brings along numerous benefits including the following:

The work environment is made safer – The program works to regulate and maintain all of your equipment. Thus, not only can you enjoy reduced unpredictability, but you can also set higher safety standards. In turn, you also ensure the safety of your workers.

You get to enjoy smoother operations – The maintenance program works to ensure that your equipment functions properly. As a result, your operations are streamlined, with a lesser chance of equipment breakdown.

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Preventative Maintenance Program
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Maintains productivity – By maintaining your equipment, you can easily avoid costly downtime. Ultimately, you can avoid the reduction of facility productivity.

Makes equipment last longer – Increasing the lifespan of your equipment reduces the ownership cost which is beneficial in the long run.

Can easily meet all your needs – The maintenance program can be designed to cater to all the needs of your facility. For example, an overhead door that is used quite frequently every day can undergo a preventative maintenance program weekly, monthly, or any other interval preferred by the owner.

Equipment Included In The Maintenance Program

The maintenance program includes the maintenance of sectional and overhead coiling doors, high speedfire-rated, and cold storage doors, along with shutters, gates, sliders, etc. But, how can you really benefit from this program when it comes to doors? Here’s how:

These are generally for commercial use and help to control the entry of airborne contaminants, flying insects, and birds. The door also helps to maintain a constant temperature within the building, thus improving your working environment, ultimately helping to save on energy costs.

With the preventative maintenance program for your sectional overhead doors, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  • Your workflow will improve because of the easy and quick access to your facility
  • You can enjoy more flexibility. You can also add overhead doors with windows or clear sections in your overhead doors to increase visibility, thus ensuring safety
  • If a section is damaged, there’s no need to replace the whole door. Only the damaged section can be replaced, helping you save costs
  • Sectional overhead doors are already quite durable. The maintenance program will only make it last longer by ensuring there are no problems.

These doors offer an efficient, durable, and reliable solution for preventing different kinds of airborne contaminants like birds, insects, dust, and pollution from entering the facility. The doors also help to maintain a constant temperature, improving your work environment and reduce energy costs. Maintaining these doors can provide the following benefits:

  • A good door will prevent external noise from entering the facility
  • As a constant temperature will be maintained throughout the year, your workers will enjoy comfortable working conditions
  • Maintaining temperatures within the facility throughout the year also lowers energy costs

The primary purpose of shutters, gates, and security grilles are designed to help make your business more secure by not only providing security but also by providing visibility. They allow an unobstructed view of the interior of the building including merchandise and store displays to help protect against vandalism and theft.

Along with increasing the protection of your workplace, these doors also help to advertise your business to customers throughout the day. So, anyone going past your store-front can have a look at the products you have to offer even if you are closed, thus increasing potential customers.

  • With the maintenance program, you can ensure that your sliders, grilles, and shutters will function properly and help keep your merchandise and facilities safe throughout the year.
  • These pieces of equipment act as the first line of defense for your store or business. With strong, well-maintained doors, it will be harder for people to break in.
  • With the Preventative Maintenance Program, you can add another layer of security for maximum protection.

When it comes to dock equipment, the Preventative Maintenance Program includes dock levelers, loading dock seals, and shelters, bumpers, racks, lift tables, truck restraints, and canopies. 

Here’s how these can benefit from the program.

Dock Levelers

There are many different types of dock levelers and each has its own set of benefits.

Pit style loading levelers

When installed in your loading dock bays, pit-style loading levelers can increase safety by allowing a smooth surface for cross-docking traffic. By keeping them maintained, you can reduce the bouncing and bumps that occur, thus keeping your forklift drivers, products, and equipment safe.

Vertical style dock levelers

These are the ideal solution for operations that require maximum climate control and cleanliness. Generally, truck trailers back up to the dock before the dock door is opened. This allows a total seal between the interior and the trailer. Maintaining these levelers will ensure that the seal is constantly there, thus increasing safety and ensuring cleanliness.

Edge of dock levelers

Such levelers are ideal for places where there is only a slight difference in trailer heights. While these are low-cost levelers, maintaining these could ensure they last long, inevitably helping to avoid owner cost.

Loading Dock Seals & Shelters

There are various types of loading dock seals and shelters.

Compression loading dock seals

These seals create a foam-filled compression around the sides and top of a trailer. Maintaining these would help to assist with climate control and decrease energy costs.

Inflatable dock seals and shelters

These are air-inflated loading dock seals and shelters. With the help of the maintenance program, you can keep the walls of the facility protected and efficiently ensure that the climate within your facility stays consistent.

Loading dock shelters

Loading dock shelters not only allow full access to trailer interiors but also provide protection from various climatic factors like snow, wind, debris, and rain.

Services Included In Our Maintenance Program

You can expect the following from this Preventative Maintenance Programs:

  • Inspection: All the parts as well as the welds along with the overall operation of equipment is inspected and evaluated.
  • Adjustment: Our service professionals will check the equipment and adjust it back to its factory-recommended standards.
  • Lubrication: We will lubricate all moving parts that need lubrication with the lubricant that the manufacturer prefers.
  • Replacement: We will inspect all worn parts while we service your equipment and note if any immediate replacement is required. Parts that must be replaced will be quoted at the time of service and will be performed only with the customer’s permission.

What’s The Cost Of Our Maintenance Program?

The best part about our maintenance program is that the enrollment is completely free. There is also no contract, and only one annual preventative maintenance call is needed. The membership will be renewed each year with the authorization of the customer.

If you’re in the Greater Portland, OR, Salem, OR or Vancouver, WA areas, then make sure to take advantage of our program today! Stop by our Portland location or call us at 503-594-8968.

Overhead Commercial Door Repair Services


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