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Commercial Sliding Doors / Cold Storage Doors

cold storage doors
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At Authority Dock & Door, we’re proud to supply business owners with an impressive collection of quality commercial doors.

While each of our products is backed by industry-leading durability, not all of them are created to stand up to the icy-cold temperatures inside of coolers, freezers, and cold-storage areas. That’s why it’s essential to purchase top-notch cold storage overhead doors that can keep the cold air in and the warm air out.

What Are Cold Storage Overhead Doors?

The primary reason traditional doors don’t work for freezers and coolers is that they lack the insulation needed to control the temperature inside your company’s space.

Cold storage overhead doors (or commercial sliding doors), on the other hand, are specially-equipped to meet this unique need. They provide easy access to your materials and products while still keeping temperatures where they need to be.

Not every commercial or industrial company has the same list of requirements. That’s why we’re pleased to offer a variety of different door styles, including bi-part sliding doors, single sliding doors, and vertical rise overhead doors.

Understanding The Benefits Of Cold Storage Doors

There are plenty of industries that depend on the temperature-controlled rooms inside their warehouses and facilities. From food packaging centers to medical labs, maintaining certain working conditions is essential.

Not only are the cold storage overhead doors at Authority Dock & Door great for controlling internal temperatures, but they’re also an ideal way to improve the energy-efficiency of your facility.

Cold storage doors are “temperature-maintaining” and can cut energy costs, in addition to helping the HVAC system in your facility perform better, reducing the risks of problems and breakdowns later on.

Choosing The Right Cold Storage / Commercial Sliding Doors For Your Facility

While it’s not always easy to choose the right products for your commercial space, ensuring you’ve made the best decision is key. That’s why Authority Dock & Door is here to help!

When you work with our industry-leading crew of technicians, we’ll go above and beyond to meet your cold storage needs. We’ll help you customize the best types of cold storage overhead doors for your facility and will oversee their installation for a hassle-free experience.

Whether you want bi-fold sliding doors or a vertical raising overhead product, we’re here to help you create a product that will benefit you and your employees in the best way possible.

cold storage doors


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