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security gates and grilles

Security Grilles, Gates & Shutters

security gates and grilles
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High Visibility Theft & Vandalism Protection!

Security Grilles, Gates, and Shutters are designed to help to secure your business in many different ways by providing both visibility and security. They allow for an unobstructed view of the building interior, including store displays and merchandise, to help protect against theft and vandalism.

The visibility they allow is especially great because while protecting your place of work, it helps in advertising your business to potential customers 24×7. Anyone walking by your storefront can see your merchandise, even if business hours are over. Hopefully, some of them will come back the next day and become a customer.

Security Grilles

These are the style mostly used in shopping malls and are made to be ascetically pleasing while providing protection. Depending on the model, they can either roll up or fold sideways during business hours, then close and lock after hours.

They are also commonly used at entrances of underground parking structures and high-rise buildings and apartments to control who has access.

Security Gates

These are used more often for street access storefronts and are usually installed inside the building behind the glass storefront windows. Their accordion style allows you to fold them open off to the side during business hours, and then fold them closed when your business is closed.

Security Shutters

These differ from security grilles and gates as they are solid, and do not provide any visibility to the store’s interior. A jewelry store may choose this option if they don’t want their jewelry visible during off-hours, decreasing the chance of someone being tempted to break in. Schools also use them in their sports and concession areas.

Ideal Applications for Security Grilles, Shutters & Gates

  • Shopping Malls
  • Concessions
  • Hotels
  • Street Access Store Fronts
  • Underground Parking
  • Schools
  • Cafeterias
  • Airports

Our products blend strength and top-notch design to offer you protection and a stylish addition to the overall aesthetic of your business. With today’s technology, you can easily add an alarm system to add an extra layer of security.

Security grilles, gates & shutters are the first line of defense for your business. The stronger they are, the harder it is for people to break in. As far as design and materials go, there are numerous options for you to choose from.

At Authority Dock & Door, we offer customizable security grilles, gates & shutters to meet any demands you may have.

security gates and grilles


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