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Stop & go loading dock signals

Loading Dock Equipment

Stop & go loading dock signals
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Loading docks are a key part of any business that does a significant amount of shipping and receiving. They are used frequently, and they are an important component of your business’ product and sales flow.

To create more comfortable, more efficient, and safer loading docks for both your employees and your transport companies, there is a wide range of dock solutions available. Dock levelers, seals & shelters, vehicle restraint systems, and a variety of loading dock accessories are your go-to solutions for creating more efficient loading docks.

With the right additions to your docks, you’ll keep your people and your products safer, and you will create a smoother workflow in your loading dock areas.

Importance of Loading Dock Safety

The Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) recognizes the hazards of loading dock areas and provides guidelines for safety. Accessories like stop and go signals help keep everyone informed while loading and unloading, and other loading dock equipment allows for the smoothest transfer of goods possible.

A few simple changes can make a great impact. By implementing the right accessories and equipment to your loading docks, you can help prevent accidents in your workplace.

Types of Loading Dock Equipment

There is a variety of loading dock equipment to make your loading docks better, including levelers, seals & shelters, vehicle restraint systems, and other accessories. Each has different benefits for your receiving workflow, and each system has a variety of styles available.

Loading Dock Levelers

Loading Dock Levelers

Loading dock levelers help accommodate a variety of trailer heights and allow for a smoother path between the trailer and the dock during the transfer of goods. Authority Dock & Door offers many styles, including pit style, vertical style, and edge of dock.

A pit style loading dock leveler is installed in your dock’s bay, reducing bumps and providing a smoother surface. A vertical style loading dock leveler improves the cleanliness and the climate control of your building and creates a tight seal between trucks and the building. An edge of dock leveler is a low-cost alternative for situations with little variance in trailer heights.

Loading Dock Seals & Shelters

Loading Dock Seals and Shelters

Loading dock seals and shelters provide protection from inclement weather and create a well-sealed receiving area. They can help lower your business’ energy bills and improve your building’s insulation.

There are two main types of loading dock seals available — both helping to improve the insulation of your receiving area: compression seals and inflatable seals. Compression seals provide a complete foam-filled compression around the trailer, and inflatable seals use air-inflated material to create the seal around the trailer.

Loading dock shelters extend around both the trailer and the receiving bay portal. They allow dry access to the trailer’s interior during inclement weather, such as hail, snow, or rain.

Vehicle Restraint Systems

Vehicle Restraint Systems

In loading dock areas, accidents can happen if vehicles aren’t secured properly. Vehicle restraint systems keep a trailer from creeping or moving away from the dock, which can cause big problems. They are available in three styles: hydraulic, mechanical, and electrical.

Hydraulic vehicle restraints resist trucks from moving or edging away with innovative features like touch sensors. Electric vehicle restraint systems are environmentally engineered and have low operating costs. Mechanical vehicle restraints use a single control rod to release and engage and are non-impact systems.

Loading Dock Accessories

Loading Dock Accessories

Loading dock accessories like control stations, dock lighting, traffic lights, and light communication bundles help create safer and more productive loading docks. Control stations control a variety of processes, such as levelers, lights, and restraints, and lights can improve the visibility of your dock. Traffic lights improve communication by keeping everyone informed.

Benefits of Loading Dock Equipment

There are so many benefits to implementing additional equipment to improve your loading docks — improved safety, increased workflow efficiency, smoother processes, lower energy bills, increased bottom line, and more. Each equipment type provides different benefits.

When adding loading dock shelters, you’re ensuring a more efficient workflow in inclement weather, and by adding loading dock seals, you can help reduce energy costs and improve your insulation.

By adding loading dock levelers, you’re can have a smoother process of unloading and loading goods — no matter if a person is walking or driving a forklift, which reduces accident risks. Vehicle restraint systems also improve safety by ensuring a trailer is secure in place at all times.

Traffic lights help improve communication during loading and unloading, and control stations help streamline your loading dock processes. Plus, lighting provides better visibility to the crew involved.

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Stop & go loading dock signals


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