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With any luck, your business will never experience a fire. In the unfortunate event, one does occur; however, it’s critical to take preemptive measures to protect your warehouse or facility.

One of the best decisions you can make regarding fire-damage prevention is installing fire-rated commercial doors or overhead garage doors at your location. Lucky for you, Authority Dock & Door has one of the best collections of these products around.

If you want to not only reduce the chances of severe damage during a fire but also protect the lives of your employees, these state-of-the-art products are your best choice.

How Do Fire-Rated Doors Work?

When traditional doors are faced with a fire, they tend to combust under the high heat circumstances. Fire-rated overhead doors, however, are made to withstand high temperatures and prevent fire and smoke from further spreading throughout your property.

When a fire alarm sounds in your facility, these doors can either manually be shut or close automatically in connection with the alarm. Once closed, they are protected from the blaze for approximately 20 – 90 minutes.

This period prevents the flames from leaking into other areas of your commercial or industrial facility and gives employees time to evacuate the premises safely.

What Types Of Features Should Your Fire-Rated Overhead Garage Doors Have?

In addition to the primary materials used to construct your fire-rated commercial doors, it’s essential to choose products backed by the right types of fire-safe components.

These include automatic closure systems, hardware made to seal out gas and smoke, neoprene weather-stripping seals, and gaskets that expand in high heat conditions.

If you choose a door with glass features, it’s crucial to ensure it has the right glass types based on your business’ needs. For example, wired glass can resist heat, while sodium silicate helps transfer heat.

Let Our Experts Help You Choose The Right Fire-Rated Door For Your Facility

Protecting your facility from the dangers of fire is crucial. That’s why Authority Dock & Door works hard to ensure business owners have the right devices and equipment to keep their facilities as safe as possible.

When you’re preparing to install fire-rated doors or a fire-rated overhead garage door at your property, let our technicians help you out. We can make sure you’re choosing the right types of products to keep your company and its employees safe during a fire.

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