5 Reasons Why Your Warehouse Needs an Insulated Garage Door

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Insulated Garage Door

Installing an insulated garage door could have plenty of advantages for your business. Read on to discover five reasons your warehouse needs an insulated garage door.

Saves Energy

One of the greatest benefits of an insulated garage door is that its more energy efficient.

Insulated doors moderate the temperature in your warehouse. By doing so, they lessen the amount of energy needed to heat the rest of the building.

The strength, durability and insulation factors of these garage doors help prevent cold air from infiltrating your warehouse. Your heater won’t have to run as much, and you’ll save energy and money as a result.

More Durable

There’s no denying the durability of these types of garage doors.

They are typically made with a steel frame that is filled with a solid-core insulation.

This insulation is usually placed between two steel panels. This helps guarantee a stronger door that can take on the elements from bad weather.

Keeps Items at the Right Temperature

No matter what is being stored in your warehouse, it’s important to keep those items at the right temperature. That can be difficult in the colder, winter months with freezing temperatures.

Fortunately, insulated garage doors help prevent the harshness of the cold and keep the areas they protect warm.

In some cases, these garage doors can keep their spaces 10 to 15 degrees warmer than non-insulated doors can.

Keep Your Employees Comfortable

There are roughly 1 million warehouse employees currently in America. Truck and tractor operators, stock clerks, shipping and receiving clerks, and many more occupations make up this number.

However, no matter what position an employee holds in a warehouse, he or she deserves to work in comfortable conditions. Insulated garage doors help ensure that those conditions are provided.

As mentioned above, these types of garage doors create a warmer area for the products within your warehouse. It also provides employees with a warmer area to work in.

Less Noise

Everyone is familiar with the rattling noise that accompanies some garage doors. But that isn’t the case for insulated ones.

On their own, these garage doors are much quieter than their non-insulated counterparts.

More importantly, though, they help absorb noise and act as a sound barrier.

If the work in your warehouse is loud, the insulated garage door will help create a barrier for sound within your facility.

Going Forward with an Insulated Garage Door

While an insulated garage door might seem like an insignificant upgrade, it can actually help numerous parts of your business in big ways.

This type of garage door will benefit your products, employees, and energy costs. Who wouldn’t want that?

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