9 Residential Garage Door Safety Tips

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garage door safety

If you’re like many homeowners, you rely on your garage door day in and day out. However, these doors are complex devices, so practicing garage door safety is of the utmost importance.

Residential overhead garage doors play an instrumental role at homes across America, as they are essentially your door to the world. They keep your vehicle — and you — protected from the elements so that you can conveniently move to and from to handle your business.

However, even when they’re in good working order, garage doors can be a major safety hazard. Here are 9 residential garage door tips for keeping your family safe.

Let’s dig in!

1. Check Your Safety Sensors

This is an incredibly important step in ensuring that your overhead garage door is safe for your family to use.

The safety sensors on your garage door are connected to the rails that your door uses to move up and down, around six inches from the ground. These sensors are designed to reverse a closing door’s direction if someone or something goes underneath the door.

Be sure that the door reverses when you put an object, such as a broom, underneath it to test it. A professional can inspect your door opener and repair it as needed if your door does not reverse.

2. Look out for Fingers

Teach your children not to place their hands near the joints located between your garage door panels while it is in the process of closing. This can lead to serious injuries. Fortunately, some newer garage doors feature pinch protection to help with this.

3. Test Your Door’s Force

Your garage door should come to a halt if you attempt to force it down while it’s going up, and vice versa. If this does not happen, a professional can look into the problem for you. It’s possible that your force settings simply need to be adjusted.

4. Keep Your Children away from the Door Remote

Hide your transmitters from the children. There’s no reason they should be playing with your remote control. Anything related to your garage door is not a toy.

5. Keep Your Children away from the Wall Control Button

Also, keep your door opener’s wall control a minimum of five feet away from the ground to ensure that your young children cannot reach it.

6. Emergency Release

Don’t defeat or interfere with your door operator’s manual emergency release mechanism. This is a huge no-no. The mechanism is there for a reason — for your safety — so it’s in your best interest to leave it as it is.

7. Inspect the Door

Check out your door every couple of months for wear on the door’s pulleys, rollers, cables and springs. We offer overhead garage door repair services that can take care of these parts if they become worn.

8. Partially Open Door

Avoid leaving your door open part way. When you activate it again, the door might travel down and hit an object located in its path. This also affects the security of your home.

9. Safety Features

Finally, you may also want to consult your door opener retailer or dealer to find out what other security or safety features can be taken advantage of for your particular door model or brand. For instance, an automatic lock might be available in some situations.

How We Can Help

We offer high-quality residential and garage door installation and maintenance services.

Contact us to find out more about garage door safety and how we can keep your door in proper working order in the years to come.


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