Advantages of a Preventative Maintenance Program for your Commercial and Residential Doors

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Commercial and Residential Doors

Winter is here, and with cold weather setting in, it a good idea to perform regular maintenance checks on your commercial and residential overhead doors. The cold can cause the springs to get cold and stiffen and harder to expand and cracking, misalignment and wearing parts will only worsen with the rough conditions.

Quite often repair jobs will pop up when the temperature gets cold drops, but you can avoid the hassle of having your overhead doors repaired in the cold, by taking proactive measures by setting up a Preventative Maintenance Program and have them regularly checked.


  • Increased Safe Work Environment – by regulating your equipment, you achieve higher safety standards and help reduce unpredictability.
  • Helps Ensure Proper Equipment Operation
  • Helps Avoid Costly Down Time – reduced effect on facility productivity.
  • Increase Life Span Of Your Equipment – reduced ownership cost.
  • Tailored To Your Facility Needs – this program can be designed to fit whatever your facility needs are. “Example, a door that has a high amount of daily use can have PM scheduled services set up for weekly, monthly or for whatever intervals are needed.”


  • Inspection – all parts, welds and the overall operation of the equipment is inspected and evaluated.
  • Adjustment – equipment will be checked and adjusted, by our service professionals, back to the factory recommended standards.
  • Lubrication – all moving parts that require lubrication will receive the proper lubricant according to the manufacturer.
  • Parts – while servicing your equipment we will inspect for worn parts, noting if any immediate replacement is needed.  (Parts needing replacement will be quoted at the time of the service and only performed with the customer’s authorization.)

The main objective of this program is to help maintain optimum performance of your equipment and ensure an overall safer environment for your employees, while helping prevent OSHA citations. So why be proactive, instead of reactive, and sign up for one today.

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