Creating an Energy Efficient Loading Dock

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Loading Dock Equipment

Irrespective of why you opt for energy savings, to help contribute to the environment or to save money – there is no question that minimizing your carbon foot print is always a wise idea. When you are looking at different ways to cut energy costs in your warehouse – one of the biggest areas you can look at is your loading dock and your loading dock equipment.

Your loading dock is a prime source of energy waste. The humongous hole that a loading dock creates in the side of your facility can be major problem in terms of energy loss, by allowing cool air in the summer and heat in the winter to escape.

In light of this, here are several ways you can save on your energy costs and maximize loading dock efficiency:

Inspect Your Overhead Dock Doors – Depending on the extent of the wear and tear of your dock garage doors, you can either get them professionally repaired or install a new door. The gradual erosion of your dock doors can lead to gaps, cracks and holes along the door’s frame, allowing hot and cool air to escape. On top of that, dock doors that are dinged can be difficult to properly close and could be left partially open, generating more energy loss.

Incorporate the Use of Dock Shelters & Seals – To completely eliminate hot and cool air from escaping, you need to have perfectly aligned and fitted dock doors. However, for an even more efficient and effective result, you can install a dock shelter or seal in your bay openings, which support energy efficiency and climate control.

Dock Compression Seals create a foam-filled compression type seal around a trailer’s top and sides, keeping outside elements from entering your facility. You can achieve up to a 90% energy savings with a dock compression seal and they are less expensive to install than a dock shelter.

Dock Shelters create a perimeter type seal on the trailer and provide complete unimpeded trailer access and protection between the loading dock door and the opening of a truck. You can achieve up to a 70% energy savings with a dock shelter however, they can accommodate a larger size scope of truck trailers. It is also common for dock shelters to be used in conjunction with dock seals.

Replace Your Old Light Fixtures with LED Lights – old fashion incandescent light bulbs are energy wasters and usually have a shorter life cycle than newer LED light bulbs. By replacing all the bulbs in your loading dock area with more energy efficient LED lights, you will save energy, but not compromise the elimination of your loading dock area. They usually are brighter than standard bulbs and are impact resistant.

By following one or more of these suggestions, you will be on your way to decreasing your energy consumption and costs. For guidance in determining which loading dock equipment is right for you, consult your local material handling expert.

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