PVC Strip Curtains

These durable PVC Strip Curtains are commonly installed as a secondary barrier when the primary barrier needs to be left open for extended periods of time. Because you are able to walk or drive thru the strips of plastic, they allow for unimpeded traffic flow of personnel, material and equipment for increased productivity.

These pvc strip door curtains are often installed along with cooler and freezer doors to help maintain temperature and reduce condensation and icing issues, for added energy savings.

  • Cost effective secondary barrier
  • Increased visibility for fewer accidents at doorways
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Improved traffic flow and productivity
  • Improved working environment by controlling temperature
  • Wind, dust, noise & insect barrier.
  • Freezers & Coolers
  • Interior Partitions & Room Division
  • Loading Doors & Passage Ways
  • Machinery Barriers
  • Conveyor Openings
  • Wind Barriers
  • Temperature Control
  • Noise Control
  • Dust Containment