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Efficiency and Security: The Dual Advantage of Overhead Coiling Doors

overhead coiling doors

Regarding commercial and industrial spaces, efficiency and security often top the list of priorities. While many solutions offer one or the other, it’s a rare gem that combines both. Overhead coiling doors happens to be one such gem, delivering unmatched functionality and robust security features in a single package.

At Authority Dock & Door, we recognize the pivotal role the right commercial doors can play in your operation. That’s why we’re committed to helping you find the optimal solutions tailored to your unique needs.

The Essentials of Overhead Coiling Doors

Overhead coiling doors are designed to optimize both space and security. Unlike traditional swing-out or sectional doors, these doors roll upwards into a tight coil when opened. This mechanism is made possible through a series of slats hinged together, allowing them to roll around a drum above the door opening.

The drum is typically connected to a shaft, which operates manually through a chain or pulley system or automatically via a motor. This unique coiling design minimizes the overhead space required, making it an ideal choice for facilities where space is at a premium.

Why Choose Overhead Coiling Doors

Why should overhead coiling doors be your top choice when choosing the right door solution? Here are some compelling reasons:

  • Space-Saving: With their unique design, overhead coiling doors require less headroom than traditional sectional doors. This frees up space for other utilities and maximizes your facility’s square footage.
  • Durability: Made from robust materials like steel or aluminum, these doors withstand harsh conditions, offering longevity that is hard to beat.
  • Enhanced Security: Overhead coiling doors provide an extra layer of security. The solid construction and lock mechanisms make it difficult for intruders to gain access.
  • Ease of Use: Whether manually operated or equipped with automated systems, overhead coiling doors are incredibly user-friendly. The smooth rolling action ensures that little effort is required for operation.
  • Customization: Various colors, finishes, and sizes are available, allowing you to customize your overhead coiling doors to suit both the aesthetic and functional needs of your facility.

Maintenance Tips for Your Overhead Coiling Doors

Proper maintenance ensures that your doors function optimally, providing you with both efficiency and security for the long term. Here are some tips:

  • Regular Inspection: Make it a habit to inspect the doors and hardware. Look for signs of wear and tear and address them immediately.
  • Lubrication: Keep the moving parts well-lubricated to ensure smooth operation. This can be done as part of a preventative maintenance program.
  • Professional Check-Ups: At least once a year, have your overhead coiling doors professionally checked. This proactive approach helps identify and rectify issues before they escalate into expensive repairs.

Reaping the Benefits of Overhead Coiling Doors with Authority Dock & Door

Overhead coiling doors offer an unbeatable combination of efficiency and security for commercial and industrial settings. They are an essential investment that saves space and enhances safety and durability. With various customization options and easy maintenance, there’s no reason to question considering these doors for your facility.

Ready to make a change for the better? Contact Authority Dock & Door today for your ideal overhead coiling door solution.