Financial Benefits of Commercial Security Gates

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Commercial Security Gates

Commercial security gates are quite popular amongst businesses as they add an additional layer of security to their premises, in addition to providing a number of other benefits. Not only are these security grilles a simple, yet effective way, to reduce the potential risk of theft, but can also pay for themselves over time by eliminating minor claims and reducing insurance premiums.

There are a wide range of commercial security gates available on the market to suit the needs of business owners. However, collapsible lattices style security grilles are a very common choice. After all, they provide a high degree of protection against theft, allow merchandise to be seen through them and can be easily folded away when not needed.

Insurance Benefits

The savings you enjoy on your insurance premiums are usually limited. With some insurance carriers, you might be able to negotiate a discount of up to 5%. In most cases, this percentage is likely to be lower, and in others, carriers may not offer any reductions at all. Your premiums will depend on a variety of factors, which include:

  • The geographical area your business operates in.
  • The security measures you take.
  • The nature of business your company is in.
  • Your company’s insurance history.
  • The type and amount of product you inventory.

Other Financial Benefits

Thieves are real opportunists. They look for security weaknesses, and then try to take advantage of them, rather than attempting to gain access to a specific business premises. With commercial security gates in place, you can show you take your security seriously. As a result, most thieves will look for an easier target and ignore your building. This means fewer repairs due to break-ins, reduced loss of sales due to closures to perform repairs, and premiums that remain low because of fewer claims files. These amounts can quickly off-set the cost of installation.

Protect Your Assets

Almost any business, with a glass windowed storefront, can benefit from the installation of commercial security gates. If your business does not already have them installed, these security grilles can help prevent vandalism, theft and break-ins. In addition to protecting your product stock, there’s your phones, laptops and other equipment to protect as well, which let’s face it, can be costly and time consuming to replace, especially for small businesses.

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