Help, My Overhead Garage Door Remote Won’t Work!

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So you’re arriving home, pulling into your driveway and hitting the button on your garage door opener remote and nothing happens! Does this sound familiar? If so, there could be a number of reasons why your remote is not working – here is a list of things you can check on your own before you call in the professionals:

  1. Clean the plastic covering over the IR unit on both the remote control and the receiving unit with a soft, damp cloth. This should allow the signals to transmit and receive, but if it is too badly scratched, you made need to replace it.
  2. Check the batteries, this is the most common reason for remotes not working. It is always a good idea to use name brand batteries, as they last longer.
  3. Check the battery contacts – if they are worn or dirty, they need to be cleaned so a connection can be made.
  4. Sometimes the remote control and/or receiver needs to be reset. To reset the remote control, remove the batteries for about 30 seconds, then put them back in. To reset the receiver, unplug it from the wall for about 30 seconds, then plug back in.

Follow the aforementioned tips to get your overhead garage door remote working again. However, if it still does not respond, you should consider calling a professional door company that can assist you with garage door opener repair.

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