How at Risk is Your Overhead Garage Door to Being Broken Into?

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If you are like many us of, we are storing more than just our cars in our garages. Some of us have so much other stuff stored in them, that there is actually no room for our cars. The importance of keeping your belongings, as well as your car, safe from the dangers of the outside world is undeniable, but is your overhead garage door as secure as you think it is?

Most people assume that by closing their overhead garage door, they have successfully locked out the bad guys. They are correct for the most part – an overhead garage door connected to an opener is quite secure. However, there are a number of ways for thieves to get in. If you are doing any of the following things, your overhead doors could be opened by crooks:

Not Resetting Your Garage Door Opener Factory Settings

If your garage door opener is set to the factory settings, your overhead garage door could easily be broken into. Thieves these days are smart and often technically savvy, enabling them to get past such vulnerabilities in the system. Therefore, it is important to reset the code to something more personal and secure.

Having an Unsecure Emergency Release Lever

You are leaving yourself vulnerable if your emergency release lever is not secured in some way to the carriage assembly. Tie the lever to the carriage assembly, or remove the cord altogether, to make it harder for thieves to access it, but still possible for you to use it, if needed.

Leaving the Garage Remote in Your Car

Thieves will always look for garage door openers in your car, so they can come back later and get entry into your property. To avoid this risk, don’t leave your opener in the car, but rather with you, on your keychain possibly. This also eliminates a huge reason for them to break into your car as well.

Not Unplugging Garage Door Opener when Gone for Extended Periods of Time

Unplugging your garage door opener is just an extra precaution, making it harder for thieves to break in.

And that is about it! If you are doing any of the aforementioned things, it is time to take preventative measures to ensure your overhead garage door is safe from the risk of break-ins.

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