How Can Retail Stores Benefit From Folding Security Gates?

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Folding Security Gate

Are you looking for a way to help safeguard your retail store?

According to the National Retail Federation, “thefts from retailers and other inventory ‘shrink’ was approximately $48.9 billion in 2016. This was up from $45.2 billion just one year before — an increase of over 8%.

Protecting your business from theft can be an effective way to cut down on your operating costs. This can also allow you to pass on some of that savings to your customers and increase your bottom line.

But in order to protect your company, you need to be proactive in the security measures you take.

Read on to learn more about how folding security gates can benefit your retail store.

Deter “Smash and Grab” Thieves

A “smash and grab” thief can victimize your business by seeing an easy way to steal and taking advantage on it. They do this by shattering a window or glass door, then taking the property they want before leaving.

For example, you may display your merchandise in a large window. This creates a prime opportunity for a “smash and grab” thief to make a quick heist.

By putting up folding security gates, you make it harder for these crimes to take place. This is because they create a physical barrier, meaning it is more challenging for them to take your merchandise.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

There are lots of costs that come with owning a retail store, but folding security gates can help you cut down on a couple of these.

By keeping your merchandise out of the hands of thieves, you will save on inventory costs. But you will also be able to avoid having to pay for repairing physical damage to your property after being the victim of a crime.

Reduce Insurance Costs

Using folding security gates can also help you reduce the cost to insure your business.

According to, 20% of all commercial insurance claims are for burglary and theft. When you make an insurance claim, this can increase your premiums, as your business can be viewed as more of a risk than it was before the crime.

Adding folding security gates are considered are viewed as an added security measure taken by your business. This could result in lowering the insurance premiums you pay each year.

Folding Security Gates Protect Your Store

A folding security gate can be an effective way to protect your business, while also helping you to reduce costs.

They are also designed in a way that helps keep your business secure while being aesthetically pleasing. This helps you to keep an attractive storefront when the gate is extended and lets potential customers still see what you offer for sale.

At Authority Dock and Door, our experienced team of technicians provides premier customer service. We are also dedicated to helping you find the best possible solution for your needs.

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