How To Prepare For An Overhead Garage Door Installation

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Overhead Garage Door Installers

A new overhead garage door is a fantastic investment for a number of reasons. For instance, it’s estimated that a new overhead garage door can boost your home’s value through the much sought-after curb appeal.

Aside from looking nice and adding resale value, you’ll get an increased sense of security. The older a garage door is, the weaker and less secure it’s likely to be.

So now that you know why a new door is such a great investment, let’s get you prepared!

Here’s a guide to help you prepare for your professional garage door installation.

Agree On A Time And Date

Once you’ve purchased your new door, you’ll need to set up an appointment with your service company. While things like work and childcare may make installation more difficult, most companies can work with you and your schedule.

Find a mutual time that works for both you and the installer. Be sure to set aside a few hours for the installation process. It won’t take long, but the longer the installer has, the less room for error.

Clear The Garage

Whether you’re installing a new overhead garage door in a commercial or residential area, it’s important to have a safe, clean work area. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to clear out your garage, you’re in luck.

Take a few hours before the installation crew arrives at your home and make sure they have plenty of room. Clear any clutter that may be in their way.

This includes the majority of your belongings in the front half of the garage, as well as any breakables. Better safe than sorry, after all.

If your installation is occurring in a residential area, you’ll want to clean the area as well. Sweep any leaves or debris that could cause injuries.

Now that your garage is in top shape, it’s time to do the same for your driveway. Start by clearing all vehicles and providing enough space for your new door, old door, and any installation vehicles.

Next, just as you did with your garage, sweep any slippery debris away from your garage. The installation crew is going to need a sizeable work area, so they more space you can give them, the better.

If you have any children or pets, you’ll want to make sure you have an eye on them at all times.

Have A Plan To Remove The Old Door

Out with the old, in with the new!

Now that your brand new door is safely and securely installed, it’s time to get rid of your old door.

When setting up your appointment, be sure to ask whether or not your installer can take your old door away for you. Most businesses are more than happy to help you out.

Otherwise, you’ll likely need to rent a small moving truck and take the door to the dump yourself. Depending on the material, you may even be able to get a bit of money for the scrap.

In The Market For A New Overhead Garage Door? Let Us Help!

There you have it, three simple steps to help you prepare for your new overhead garage door. The only thing that’s left is to call and schedule an appointment.

Don’t forget, we offer free estimates. So what are you waiting for?

Contact us today and have your new door installed in no time!

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