Importance of Loading Dock Stop & Go Communication Systems

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Stop and Go Traffic Loading Dock Lights

Loading dock safety is always a concern, and companies like you are probably always looking for ways to improve it. Installing Stop & Go loading dock signals is a simple, but extremely effective, way to protect truck drivers, forklift operators and other personnel from potential accidents.

Adding a flashing red and green communication light system informs truck drivers outside and loading dock personnel inside about the status of the loading or unloading operations taking place, helping to manage traffic flow and prevent unscheduled truck departures and trailer entries.  The red and greed signals notify truck drivers when it is safe for them to pull away from the loading bay.

Here’s how they work:

Red and green lights are universally understood to mean “stop” and “go”.

  • When a truck is securely parked in the loading dock area, the inside light will be green, indicating to the forklift driver that it is safe for them to enter the truck trailer.
  • When the light is green on the inside of the building, the outside light is red, indicating to the truck driver that they should not move.
  • Once the truck trailer has been unloaded, the inside light will turn to red, indicating to the forklift driver they need to stay clear of the truck. Simultaneously, the outside light will turn green, indicating to the truck driver that it is now safe for them to pull away from the dock.

As you can see, these Stop & Go communication systems greatly improve communication between truck drivers and loading dock personnel, helping to create a much safer environment for all.

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