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Industries That Would Benefit from Swinging Traffic Impact Doors

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Swinging traffic impact doors

High swinging traffic impact doors are designed for commercial and industrial environments which experience a high volume of people and equipment coming and going. They provide a durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing solution to maximize productivity and safety.

Door panels are insulated. Single pane or double pane window panes can be chosen based on your needs. Certain features can be added for additional reinforcement, such as kick-plates (bottom part of door), impact plates (center), spring bumpers, cart guards, rub rails and hinge guards.

What Type Of Situations Benefit From A Traffic Impact Door?

Swinging traffic impact doorsThey’re manufactured for medium to high volume applications where contact is made with pedestrians, pallet jacks, carts or other types of equipment. The outer material can withstand chemical cleaning solutions and is easy to clean and care for.

Chemicals and impacts won’t cause breakage or weakening of the doors. They’re made to last.

Many industries can benefit from swinging high impact doors. When choosing an industrial type of door there are several criteria to consider. The first question is, in what industry is your establishment?

These types of traffic impact doors are vital and typical in retail establishments, supermarkets, restaurants, bars, manufacturing plants, warehouses, healthcare, educational facilities, post offices, pharmaceutical, and hotels, to name a few.

Once you realize your situation warrants this type of door, you’ll need to figure out your door choice.

Questions To Consider When Determining The Correct Door Choice

  • What traffic do you expect to go through the door? Will it be just people walking through or will there be equipment added to the mix, such as, pallet jacks, forklifts, hand trucks or carts?
  • What volume of traffic do you expect? Just a few times a day or hundreds of times per day? High traffic impact doors can handle high volume for situations where people and equipment are in a hurry and moving quickly all day long.
  • Is the opening size standard? Get your measurements for any special sizing requirements.
  • Are there safety concerns? In some situations, workers need to make sharp turns in one direction or another and logistics need to be thought out.
  • Do you have a particular decor to blend the door into? Colors that match or blend in with the environment can be a necessity.
  • Environmental considerations. Does the area need insulation between air-conditioning and heated areas? Is there high moisture in the air or is there refrigeration involved?

Once you’ve determined your requirements, you can investigate the specifications that are best for your operation. Regardless of your criteria, many industries can use these types of doors, despite their unique needs.

Some Industries That Benefit From High Traffic Impact Doors:


Every restaurant that is busy or intends to become busy needs a swinging door that can take heavy-duty use. When waitstaff rush through doors carrying trays, they need to kick the door open over and over again during the course of just one shift.

The ability to streamline getting food, drinks and condiments to diners as quickly as possible is a hallmark of a successful bar or restaurant. A high swinging impact door is as much a necessity in this environment as is an oven.

In addition, inevitably drinks and food will be spilled on the door frequently as servers rush through. It’s imperative that the door be easy to clean and maintains its appearance, as it is often visible to the public. Not to mention the fact that it’s visible to the Health Department.

You’ll want to keep your employees safe for their sake and for the cost factor involved. Swinging impact doors with windows keep people coming and going as safe as they can be in this very fast-paced environment.


Medical facilities tend to be fast-paced for obvious reasons. When your application requires a swinging impact door for high traffic areas, choose a high traffic impact door to ensure a long-lasting and durable product. Designed to be easily cleaned for a sanitary environment, they are perfect for areas which need to be cleaned frequently and see a lot of equipment coming and going.

Kitchen areas, food-prep areas and cafeterias in hospitals also benefit from impact doors. There are a lot of people to feed and the ability to come and go without worrying about being too rough with a door is beneficial to a successful operation.

Employees can be more productive when they can come and go in an efficient and safe way.

Swinging traffic impact doorsGrocery Stores

These environments have workers stocking goods all day, every day. Hand trucks, carts, pallet jacks, not to mention numerous employees all day, 7 days a week, require a swinging impact door that streamlines processes. Investing in a high impact door will save money long-term.

Retail Establishments

Some larger retail establishments have additional stock in their back rooms. When shipments come in and stock goes out, you need to be ready to get merchandise moving at a rapid rate to maximize employee hours and ensure that selves are full for customers.


Hotels have many departments which cross paths and many priorities to maintain. Any industry as customer centric as this requires entrances which enhance speed and allow for wear and tear.

Whether in kitchen areas, storerooms or other fast-moving areas, you’ll need a swinging door that can take constant use and clear, well-made window panes to ensure safe passage for hundreds of employees interacting and juggling their tasks.

Pharmaceutical Companies

These operations may need these types of industrial doors in their research facilities, where they require employees to come and go quickly.

Unplanned downtime is unacceptable when operations can become hazardous, where quick access, reliability and environmental control are crucial. These doors are designed to encounter equipment entering and exiting in this environment.

They require minimal maintenance, whether for a dock or indoor part of the facility.

Educational Facilities

Swinging traffic impact doorsMany educational centers can benefit from impact doors, from elementary school food-prep areas to community college cafeterias.

A solid door that can withstand workers shouldering their way in and out and carts bumping their way through doors to restock salad bars, for example, is a necessity. Reduce long-term budget needs by investing in a product geared towards long-term and safe usage.


Swinging impact doors which can handle a lot of impact, allowing personnel and materials to travel between sections of a building. They can be a separation between backroom operations and a main section of operation.

They are cost-effective, providing screening functions and increasing productivity. When equipment and pedestrians make their way through a door frequently, it’s to the benefit of the manufacturer, as well as its employees, to utilize a durable means to transition back and forth between areas.

These are examples of industries where impact doors are commonly used. There are many more facilities which can absolutely benefit from their use.

How Do Traffic Impact Doors Function?

While most people have seen swinging doors of this type, whether in restaurants or other work areas, not all have used them personally. Their ease of use makes entering or exiting an area almost as simple as if there were no door at all.

Swinging impact doors swing in both directions, so people and equipment can go in and out. The panes at the top allow people to briefly glance inside to make sure it’s fine to go in.

The doors swing away from the person or piece of equipment. While they are bi-directional, typically employees will go in the right side so that oncoming traffic is safely going the other direction.

They are made so they don’t continue swinging wildly after someone passes through. This increases safety and manageability of the doors.

They open easily upon impact – considering how durable they are in terms of being bumped, pushed, and jarred open. The impact ‘shock’ they receive is spread throughout the door. Door operations are quiet, and components maintain their usability over time.

Choose this practical and productivity enhancing door to maximize efficiency and safety in your operation. Our trained sales team can help assist with any and all questions you may have. They can be reached by calling 503-594-8968 or via email.