The Importance of Investing in Insulated Overhead Garage Doors

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Overhead Garage Doors Oregon

Insulated overhead garage doors have become increasingly popular these days. That is all thanks to the fact that they not only help keep pesky insects, rodents and intruders from entering your home, they also help to reduce your energy bills and protect your garage from outside elements. Residential garage doors with insulation are designed to keep rainwater, snow, dust and debris outside, becoming a protective barrier against the cold or heat and other exterior elements.

These doors are especially important for people that live in either very cold or very hot regions in the US. Installing insulated doors for your garage can trap and keep cold/hot air inside your home – preventing it from escaping, as well as stopping exterior cold or hot air from getting in. In light of this, mentioned below are some very important reasons why you should invest in an insulated overhead garage door:

Benefits of Insulated Overhead Garage Doors

Increased Energy Efficiency

The fact of the matter is, no matter how insulated your house and your walls are to keep warm or cold air inside, if your garage door isn’t insulated as well, cold or warm air can get in from there too, increasing your heating bill.

Overhead garage doors with insulation are designed with double or triple layers of insulation to keep the outside air from coming in and the inside air from escaping outside – leaving the overall temperature consistent.

Reduced External and Roadside Noise

It is quite possible that there may be a living space located directly adjacent or at the back of your garage door. Insulated garage doors can help become a powerful sound buffer. These insulated garage doors can especially come in handy if you live near a busy roadside or in a noise neighborhood.

Vehicle Protection

It is a known fact that a vehicle can be harder to start if it is really cold. The warmer environment provided by an insulated garage door will help keep your car or truck warmer and hopefully resolve issues of not wanting to start due to being too cold.

Durable and Sturdier Garage Door

There is no question, an insulated overhead garage door with double or triple-layered insulation is designed to be far more durable, compared to a traditional single layer steel framed garage door.

Noise Reduction

Because insulated overhead garage doors are made of several layers and thus a more sound door, they are generally more quiet when raising and lowering. A noisy garage door can alert the whole neighborhood when you are leaving or coming home. From a safety standpoint, this is not necessarily the best thing.

To learn more about how important investing into a quality overhead garage door can be, contact us today and talk to one of our representatives.

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