Reduce Your Energy & Heat Loss with Overhead Insulated Doors

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Overhead Insulated Doors

If you are looking to replace the existing doors of your facility, one of the most important decisions you need to make is choosing between insulated and non-insulated doors. After all, you want the best protection for your facility from extreme weather conditions.

While non-insulated doors aren’t altogether without any insulation and will do a nominal job in protecting your facility from the elements of nature, the weather conditions today are harsher than ever. Hence, installing insulated overhead doors makes sense on several levels.

The Benefits of Overhead Insulated Doors

Temperature Control / Lowers Energy Bills

Although the weather can often be downright unpredictable and uncooperative, there is one thing that’s absolutely certain: energy costs are rising and will continue to rise in the future. Keeping this in mind, insulating the doors of your facility will help lower your cooling bills in the summer (by preventing cold from seeping out), and lower your heating bills in the winter (by preventing cold from coming in).

Increased Production / Improved Morale

If the internal temperature is too cold or too hot, it can make the working environment for your employees uncomfortable and that’s when productivity goes down. By keeping your facility at optimal operating temperature, your employees will be happy and productivity goes up.

Increases Facility Value

While several factors determine the value of any property, the truth is that insulated overhead doors will increase the value of your facility. Wondering why? That’s because of the exact same reasons we have discussed in this article! So, if you have plans to sell your facility in the future, insulated garage doors can boost your selling price.

Types of Overhead Insulated Doors

Considering the range of benefits an overhead insulation door provides, buying them should be seen an investment rather than an expense! The following are the different types of overhead insulation doors you can choose from:

  • Cold Storage Overhead Garage Doors
  • Overhead Garage Doors
  • Coiling Overhead Garage Doors
  • Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

In the end, the RIGHT doors are those that provide you the benefits you need, and that’s exactly where overhead insulated doors come into play. So, equip your facility with them, and rest assured that it will last you for years to come!

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