The Different Types of Dock Levelers

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Loading Dock Leveler

Did you know that the average forklift operator passes over conventional dock levelers more than 100,000 times per year? With each trip, the operator experiences an undesirable jarring sensation due to bumps and gaps that are present in outdated leveler systems. Not only is the operator affected but the equipment and products being transported are, too.

We at Authority Dock & Door provide dock levelers that deter dock shock from happening. Dock shock is a vibration felt through the whole body that can cause serious injuries, product spills, and equipment damages. You can avoid all of these unpleasantries by investing in the right model of dock leveler for your warehouse.

Pit Style Loading Dock Levelers

These types of dock levelers are installed directly into your loading dock bays. They increase safety and create a smooth surface for cross-docking traffic.

Mechanical Loading Dock Levelers

This type of pit-style loading dock leveler reduces repair time and cost by helping your staff to remain safe. The design of the leveler prevents it from tipping over while it’s being positioned or stored.

Hydraulic Loading Dock Levelers

The hydraulic leveler is an environmentally friendly leveler that uses biodegradable fluid. It is made to prevent rapid leveler descent and manage heavy loads. This is a great device to choose if you desire free-fall protection.

Airbag Loading Dock Levelers

A very easy to operate leveler system that is designed with safety in mind. The airbag model can operate in extreme temperature conditions and withstand pressure without overinflating.

Air Cylinder Loading Dock Levelers

This on-demand air system is safe, easy to operate, and uses fluid-based velocity to prevent free-falls. It is operated by convenient intelligent touch controls.

Vertical Style Loading Dock Levelers

When your warehouse requires a pristine level of cleanliness and/or climate control, vertical style loading dock levelers might be the perfect solution. These levelers make it easy for truck trailers to back up to due to the dock door being able to be opened. This creates a complete seal between the trailer and the building.

Many food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and perishable item operations choose to go with this model of dock leveler.

Edge of Dock Levelers

If you have small shipping and staging areas, limited working range, and light capacities, edge of dock levelers will serve your needs just fine. This type of leveler saves time and space, because the need to store, find, and move portable plates is eliminated.

Plus, this style of leveler reduces tripping hazards, product pilferage, and product contamination due to the edge of the dock leveler always being in the stored position. The operation of these levelers is ergonomically sound.

Choose Authority Dock & Door as Your Dock Leveler Expert

As you can see, there are many options for dock levelers, you now just have to decide which one(s) are the best for your operational needs. Our staff has the experience and knowledge to point you in the right direction.

Contact us today and let’s get started! If you aren’t in need of dock levelers, but are needing other warehousing solutions, be sure to check out the other loading dock items we offer as well as a wide range of door solutions.

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