What You Should Check Every Month to Make Sure Your Overhead Garage Doors are Working Properly

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Garage Door Maintenance

Although a properly functioning overhead garage door is essential for your safety and convenience, it is often overlooked by most people unless a problem occurs. However, by performing monthly inspections, not only can you ensure your overhead garage door stays in top-shape, but also prolong its life span.

As far as what you should check every month to make sure your overhead garage doors are working properly, there are a number of problematic signs you need to look out for and that should be taken care of immediately. From the experts at Authority Dock & Door, here are the top 4 inspections you should implement during garage door maintenance:

Check the Springs

Broken springs can cause all kinds of door problems, make sure all springs are in good condition, and if not, have them replaced by a professional right away.

Lubricate the Door

Make sure that the overhead garage door bearings, dry rollers and hinges are lubricated adequately with motor oil, so they perform properly.

Test the Photo Eye

Push the button on your overhead garage door opener to make it close, and as it starts to lower waive something underneath it close to the ground to break the photo eye beam. This should make the garage door immediately reverse and start going back up. If this does not occur, try wiping off the photo eyes with a clean cloth and repeat the above. If still not working, then your photo eyes are probably out of alignment and need to be adjusted. If the problem persists after adjusting them, you should consider calling your garage door professional to help you.

Test Door Balance

After closing your overhead garage door, pull the emergency cord and then manually try to open the door. If it is in balance, it should be easy to open it and should stay open. If it doesn’t stay opened when you let go, chances are that your overhead garage door is out-of-balance. You should contact your garage door professional to help you with the repair work.

Test Safety Mechanism

Open your overhead garage door, and place something underneath if on the ground. Next, close the door, when it makes contact with the object underneath it, it should reverse immediately and start going back up. However, if not, there could be a problem with your overhead garage door, and you should seek the help of a professional.

Visual Assessment

Last but not the least, close your overhead garage door and conduct some visual inspections. Take a close look at all the hardware, cables & pulleys, springs, and rollers to see if they shown any signs of wear or damage. Also look to see if there are any dents or rust that need attention.

Take the preemptive measures you need to ensure safety, reliability, and productivity in your workplace or home. If these tests are performed on a monthly basis, you are more likely to find and fix any problems before they become a hazard or inconvenience, and enable your overhead garage door to be useful for much longer.

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