Why it is Important to Check Your Overhead Garage Door Springs

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Like most people, you probably don’t pay close attention to the springs of your overhead garage door. While this oversight is understandable, the fact is that they are the most important parts when it comes to raising and lowering your overhead garage door, and so it is important to ensure your garage door springs are in great working order.

If your overhead garage door is giving you trouble, it could be due to a problem with the garage door springs. They can break as they are constantly under extreme tension, but can easily be replaced by a garage door specialist, which is recommended as they can be dangerous to work on if you don’t know what you are doing.

Your overhead garage door uses two different types of springs, torsion and extension. The extension springs are located on both sides of the door above the upper tracks and the torsion spring is located above the garage door.

What Do You Need to Look Out for During Inspection?

Extension Spring Safety Cablesyour garage door extension springs should each have a safety cable running through them, which help to control the springs should they break. These cables should be inspected regularly to make sure they are not damaged in any way. If your garage door does not have these safety cables, call your local overhead garage door company to get them installed.

Extension Spring BracketsThe extension springs on your overhead garage door springs are attached to the bottom sides of the door by spring brackets. Again, if these brackets look worn or damaged in any way, or need adjustment, call your local overhead garage door company and have them attended to them.

Out-of-Balance Springs – If your overhead garage door is functioning properly, it should move smoothly up and down without making too much noise. If it is not, then try this simple test – pull the cord of your overhead garage door, and try to operate it manually. If it is still giving you problems, the springs could be out of balance and you should call in a professional right away to avoid further damage to your garage door.

So, in closing, if you want your overhead garage door to function properly all year round, then make sure you don’t forget to check the springs!

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