Your Guide for Choosing the Most Secure Commercial Storefront Doors

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Security Grilles and Gates

Every business owner fears this scenario: burglars raiding your business after-hours or during your night shift.

The last thing you want is to put yourself, your employees, and your customers in danger.

You can’t afford to be robbed or forced into a dangerous situation. Traditional deadbolt locking doors aren’t secure enough anymore. Burglars are still forcing their way into your business, and you have to be a step ahead.

Fortunately, there are doors that can effectively secure your business. Even during off-hours, you’ll feel safer knowing your business has an added layer of protection.

Here are some options for your commercial storefront doors, both interior and exterior.


These interior security products help protect your store from the inside. They add an extra layer of security by locking your business. These include:

Security Grilles

After you close your store, you can apply a security grille to your door and windows. This is a gate that’s commonly used by commerce stores, specifically in shopping malls.

After you close, you apply the grille to your door, windows, and anywhere someone can enter. Close and lock the grille, after you have closed and locked your door and windows.

Security grilles help protect your commercial storefront doors and windows from being broken or kicked in.

Security Gates

Another option is security gates. You install these gates on the inside, behind your windows or door.

Gates are perfect if your windows and doors are made of glass. They come in a convenient accordion-style design, so you can fold and unfold the gate during opening and closing.

Security Shutters

Do you sell high-priced products?

When you close, use security shutters. Unlike grilles and gates, shutters don’t offer any visibility inside of your store. Shutters make it difficult to break into your store. But the lack of visibility makes it less tempting for a robber.

This sends a message to burglars, saying they’re not welcome.


Steel Doors

Steel provides heightened security. Even when your door is locked, materials such as glass and wood can still break with force. Steel is tough against any kind of abuse.

Steel is also long-lasting, making it an affordable and smart investment.

Aluminum Doors

Aluminum is the material used on most doors, but it still provides lots of security. An architectural grade aluminum alloy door is stronger than a steel door. Aluminum doors are also low-maintenance and look great in every entrance.

Secure Your Business with Powerful Commercial Storefront Doors

The last thing you want for your business is a robbery or break-in.

Your business will lose money, your employees and customers will be put in danger, and you’re forced to fix any vandalism.

Fortunately, there are numerous modern security approaches. Having a secure interior and exterior door helps keep the bad guys out.

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