Your Loading Dock Leveler Handbook

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loading dock leveler

A loading dock leveler is an important part of any warehouse. These pieces of equipment serve such an out-sized role in the operational efficiency of any commercial facility and they are right in the middle of all the action. That action couldn’t happen if those levelers weren’t safe and secure. Let’s review the essentials about loading dock levelers.

Types Of Loading Dock Levelers

There are three primary styles of loading dock levelers. The type of loading dock your facility has and the type of product you deal with will play a role in which one you select.

Pit style levelers – Pit style levelers are placed across your loading dock bays. This style of leveler creates a smooth path for dock loading devices like a forklift to cross over. These reduce the number of bumps that are encountered during the loading process, ensuring more safety and security to your product and employee.

Vertical style levelers – Vertical style levelers act as a seal of sorts. These are installed around the dock after the truck has made contact and is parked. These are used in situations where climate control is crucial, or the product cannot come in contact with any outside elements.

Edge of dock levelers – Edge of dock levelers, are used when the dock and the truck aren’t level. These devices even out any height difference between the two.

Levelers are also classified on how they are powered. There are three ways to power your loading dock leveler:

Mechanical power – sometimes called manual powered. These levelers are secured into place and use springs or chains controlled by a person.

Hydraulic power – these levelers do require a power source and are operated by push-button control. They are recognized as highly durable levelers.

Air power – air is used to operate the leveler. These are effective and inexpensive for a company to purchase.

Why A Company Needs A Loading Dock Leveler

A loading dock leveler is crucial for protecting your property and your employees. They can also save you money by preventing product losses and avoid creating an unsafe work environment. Very few loading docks will match up with each truck that makes contact with your property. You will need something to even out the surface so you can securely move goods on and off your dock.

Without a leveler, there will be space between the dock and truck. Without the security of a leveler, accidents could occur including; the accidental separation of the truck from the dock, a person on a forklift falling through the space caused by the separation, or uneven areas bouncing, which could damage your product.

Let Authority Dock & Door Provide You With Your Ideal Dock Leveler

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