Commercial and Residential Overhead Garage Doors

Commercial & Residential Overhead Garage Doors – What are the Differences?

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While commercial and residential overhead garage doors are basically built following the same specifications, and are both designed to protect the contents of the building / house from exterior elements, that is where the similarities end. Although most people assume that a commercial garage door is built to higher standards, residential garage doors are just […]

Vehicle Restraints

Things to Consider when Choosing a Vehicle Restraint

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In an earlier blog post we discussed the importance of Vehicle Restraints, and that they should be an integral part of any companies dock safety plan. So hopefully now the question is not whether a vehicle restraint is needed, but which kind should you get? To recap, benefits of installing vehicle restraints include preventing: Premature […]

Vehicle Restraints Portland

Loading Dock Safety – The Importance of Vehicle Restraints

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Safety is an important consideration in all parts of an industrial facility, whether it’s a warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing plant. However, one specific area that typically concerns managers is the loading dock. The logistics environment today is more dynamic and fast-paced than ever before. Hence, busy loading docks can pose safety risks for everyone, […]