5 Key Preventative Garage Door Maintenance Tips

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garage door maintenance

You’d see a physician for a checkup to prevent serious illness, wouldn’t you? And you’d monitor your child’s progress in school to spot any problems.

Prevention is always better than cure and that applies to your garage door maintenance too.

It’s not just your garage door you want to preserve. Over 30,000 people suffer injuries caused by garage doors every year. Keeping on top of a maintenance schedule means you hopefully won’t be one of them.

Read on to discover the 5 best – and easiest – maintenance tips for garage doors.

1) Perform a Visual Inspection

When was the last time you really looked at the components of your garage door? Every month, have a visual inspection. Deactivate the opening system and put locking pliers on the tracks to make sure the door doesn’t close on you.

Look at the door itself to check for damage. Then move onto the mechanics that open it.

Check for signs of damage in the;

  • Chains
  • Pulleys
  • Rollers
  • Hinges
  • Springs
  • Mounts

If you notice anything amiss, you can fix it before it becomes an expensive problem.

2) Look for Moisture

Check your door’s weather seal for signs of wear. If gaps or damage appears, replace the door seal.

If the door is wooden, pry the seal off. Metal doors often use connectors you’ll need to remove.

The seal will keep the door working properly and stop moisture getting into your garage.

3) Test the Reversing Mechanism

At least 46 children were killed by automatic garage doors between 1982 and 1990.

Since then, garage doors need to have a reversing mechanism to stop the door should something block it.

Test yours by placing something where the garage door normally meets the floor. You’ll need something hard to resist the door.

Try closing the garage door as normal. If it hits the blockage and automatically reverses, then all is well.

Test the infrared beam as part of this process. Close the door as normal but wave something long (like a broom) in front of the photo eye.

Once the beam is broken, the door should stop and reverse. If it doesn’t seek assistance.

4) Check the Balance of Your Door

An unbalanced door can slide closed if you’re operating it in manual mode. It can also perform badly when you use the automatic opening system. Add checking for balance to your monthly garage maintenance list.

Disconnect the door’s automatic opening system. Slide the door down about halfway manually. Let go.

A properly balanced door will stay open. If the door rises, the door springs are under too much tension. They’re not under enough tension if the door starts to slide closed.

If you’re having problems, you could be in need of repair services.

5) If in Doubt, Lubricate

We’ve saved the best garage maintenance tip for last. It’s also the easiest to perform.

Every 3-6 months, spray lubricant on any hinges, tracks, or rollers.

Essentially, lubricate all moving parts to keep them working at their best.

Ready to Work On Your Garage Maintenance?

Following these tips should keep you on top of any maintenance issues.

But sometimes things still go wrong and you may run into trouble. Our qualified team of technicians are ready to help if the worst happens.

Contact us to find out more about our free service estimates.


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