Aluminum or Steel for Security: What Are Your Best Options?

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Are you unsure if your business is safe and secure when you close down at night? Having the best security options for your company is important to its success.

There are a variety of security grilles and gates available, but steel and aluminum are among the cream of the crop.

Let’s take a look at which option would be the best for you and what benefits they would provide.

Security Options For Overhead Garage Doors

Steel and aluminum security grilles, gates and doors for businesses are a great option to ensure your business is secure. There are pros and cons to each, but understanding them will help your business make a sound judgment.

Metal security doors are an investment that will keep your business secure and safe from break-ins and thieves. Let’s dive into the differences between steel and aluminum.

Steel Grilles, Gates and Doors

Steel overhead garage doors and security grilles & gates are an extremely popular material. Steel is popular because of its versatility. It can be painted in textures or solid colors. It is a low maintenance choice, sturdy, and is less expensive than other materials.

Insulation in steel doors can be helpful because they save energy by holding heat and air conditioning, and work to reduce outside noise.

Choosing a steel door involves a lot of different choices. They come in different gauge steel, ranging from 24 to 26 or higher. When the gauge number is low, the steel is at it’s thickest. For better insulation, some steel doors provide thicker steel on the outside than the inside.

Steel gates have benefits, but they can rust. Even if the steel is galvanized, it can start to decay in some areas.

Steel isn’t the only one of your security options. Aluminum doors and gates are also sturdy and provide benefits.

Aluminum Gates and Doors

Aluminum has many of the same characteristics of other materials, such as steel. You can paint them in different textures to mimic wood or in solid finishes. It’s cheaper than steel and a lighter material, but it can dent more easily.

Unlike steel, aluminum doesn’t rust and is highly durable. Aluminum gates are easier to move due to the way their rollers are built. They are protected from outside elements so they aren’t affected.

Since they don’t rust and aren’t affected by the elements, their value over time is much better. You don’t need to replace them as often as they provide longevity.

Choosing The Best

As you can see, aluminum and steel are some of the best security options on the market to protect your business from harm. Steel and aluminum are strong, durable, and reliable.

While steel is considered the optimal metal for strength and quality, aluminum has great longevity, is not affected by the elements, and does not rust.

Understanding your options will help your business pick the best security door, garage, or gate for your business. To learn more about other types of overhead garage doors and how to prepare for their installations, read our article “How To Prepare For An Overhead Garage Door Installation“.

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