Could Your Operation Benefit From Loading Dock Levelers?

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loading dock levelers

There are plenty of reasons to include loading dock levelers as an integral part of your facility. Finding the best model to suit your needs is essential as not all warehouses are created equally.

Once you’ve determined the type of dock you need and get it installed, you’ll begin to notice a marked improvement in productivity, safety, and efficiency. Maintaining a successful business in a fast-paced warehouse setting cannot be done without the right equipment.

At Authority Dock & Door, we take pride in our experience as a professional loading dock leveler dealer. Our main goal is to help you understand the benefits of these systems and how and why they can make your operation run much smoother.

Loading Dock Levelers Create A Better Work Environment

There are several reasons why levelers are beneficial to your warehouse operation. For one, they make the workplace a whole lot safer for your employees. The design of the leveler system has operator safety in mind, which means that human error is less likely to occur. They are also incredibly easy to use and maintain.

Loading dock levelers are used to allow forklifts and pallet jacks to safely enter and exit trucks that are loading and unloading goods at your dock. Sometimes the level of the dock and the level of truck do not match. A dock leveler basically becomes a bridge, and creates a level surface between the two levels so it can safely traveled by your forklift or pallet jack.

Most dock levelers are compatible with most common trucks and are equipped with truck restraints, which keeps the trucks in place until loading or unloading is complete.

Types Of Loading Dock Levelers

There are three main types of loading dock levelers on the market. The type you choose is largely determined by the operation that you’re running, and the parameters of your warehouse.

  • Pit Style – Typically installed in your loading dock bays are great for increasing safety measures due to the smooth surface for cross-docking traffic. Pit dock levelers reduce bumps and bouncing that can cause injury to forklift drivers and damage products and equipment.
  • Vertical Style – This model is a great choice when your operations require cleanliness and climate control, such as for a food plant. Trucks can back up to the dock before the door is opened which creates a total seal between the trailer and building.
  • Edge of Dock – This is a perfect choice when you’re looking for the most affordable option. This variety of dock leveler is best suited when there is barely any difference in trailer heights.

Authority Dock & Door Can Help You Choose An Ideal Loading Dock Leveler

Our company has been serving the equipment needs of the Portland, OR area for a long time.

When you need guidance on which dock leveler to choose for your warehouse, allow our experienced staff to help you. Contact us today with your questions. We look forward to hearing from you.

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