Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

Sectional Overhead Garage Doors are made up of a series of panels (sections) that are connected together and roll up or down when the door is opened or closed. When in the open position, the door lays flat against the ceiling out of the way, which saves space over traditional doors that open inward or outward. They are usually mounted to the vertical face of the building or wall, and the door tracks are supported from the ceiling or roof of the building.

These commercial overhead garage doors help to control the entry of flying insects, birds and other airborne contaminants, as well as help maintain a consistent temperature inside the building, which helps improve your work environment and save on energy costs.

Insulated or Non-Insulated

They are available in both insulated or non-insulated styles. Insulated overhead garage doors are thicker, stronger and more durable than non-insulated styles. They are commonly constructed of two layers of steel with polyurethane in between, to provide increased temperature control. This makes them doors more energy efficient, however, they cost more than single layer non-insulated doors.


Sectional overhead garage doors come in a variety of types, in addition to choosing insulated or non-insulated, you can choose with or without windows and even glass pained for a more aesthetically pleasing look. They come in a wide range of sizes, and design & feature options, to fit your specific needs.

Benefits of Sectional Overhead Garage Doors

Sectional overhead doors are a popular choice among businesses due to the array of benefits they provide, which include:

  • Improved Workflow – allow quick and easy access to your facility
  • Durability – most models are made of steel and provide years of dependable use.
  • Flexibility – because sectional overhead doors are made up of sections, clear or widowed sections can be easily added for increased visibility.
  • Repairability – if one section gets damaged, that section alone can be replaced, versus the whole door.
  • Space Saving – when the door is open, it rolls up and rests up against the ceiling.

With a wide range of overhead doors in various styles and speeds available, Authority Dock and Door can help you find the right door for your specific application and budget.