Everything You Need To Know About Vehicle Restraints

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vehicle restraints

Industrial warehouses often make use of loading docks in their shipping department. These areas are an essential part of production as they keep products coming in and going out of your facility. However, when vehicles are not adequately secured at the loading dock, accidents can happen.

Vehicle restraints are a must-have component to keep trailer creep, unscheduled departures, and forceful forklift movement from happening. Not only do restraints provide accident protection but they also keep operations running smoothly and increase production yields.

What Are Vehicle Restraints And How Do They Help?

Restraints stop trucks from moving away from the dock either by driver error or due to natural creep during the loading and unloading process. When the appropriate restraints are implemented, employees, bystanders, and customers are protected from accidents at the loading dock. A lot of industries have witnessed significant decreases in workplace injuries when restraints are used.

Utilization of truck restraints means that your work environment is going to be safer, operations will move smoother, and you’ll have a more robust production percentage.

Types Of Restraints

There are three main types of truck restraints: hydraulic, electric, and mechanic. Each restraint brings a little something different to the table depending on the needs of your industry.

Hydraulic restraints disable trucks from moving and inching away from the loading dock with a series of features like anti-locking systems, anti-obstacle technology, and lock-up prevention. Each hydraulic restraint includes LCD menu screen function buttons, and an LED light communication system.

Electric restraints are environmentally sound and extremely cost-effective. These restraints feature intelligent touch control systems which make operations more convenient for drivers and warehouse employees.

Mechanical restraints are very easy to operate with their no-hassle design. They feature a non-impact system which means there is less wear and tear on the device. These restraints can also be left in a locked position overnight to prevent trailer theft.

Industries That Can Benefit From Truck Restraints

Any warehouse or facility that has a loading dock(s) can benefit from restraint systems. The following list details a few of the more common industries:

  • Industrial Plants
  • Warehouses
  • Production Areas
  • Storage or Assembly Spaces
  • Foundries
  • Sports Arenas
  • Government Facilities
  • Farms
  • Grain Storage Elevators

Remember, vehicle restraints can deter early departure and trailer creep, prevent dock damage and dock drop-offs, and ensure pedestrian safety.

Things To Consider

When considering a vehicle restraint system for your warehouse, you should ask yourself which type of restraint will work best for your industry. Would a mechanical, electric, or hydraulic restraint help operations go smoother? Which one of these devices will increase employee safety the most?

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We understand your need for safety at the loading dock. Vehicle restraints can help decrease accidents and promote optimal productivity. Our staff at Authority Dock & Door look forward to helping you find the restraint system that best suits your industry’s needs. Get in touch with us today so we can answer your questions.

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