Folding Security Gates Provide Added Protection To Your Storefront In The Winter

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folding security gates

One might think that the winter months are a time of decreased criminal activity and vandalism due to the temperatures being lower and the snow flying. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Did you know that thieves can use a store owner’s own snow shovel to break through glass and rob the property? Authority Dock & Door want to help ease your mind by telling you about folding security gates and how they can help protect your storefront from wannabe vandals and looters.

How Do Folding Security Gates Protect Your Business?

There are different types of folding gates available: shutter grilles, gates, and shutters. Several of which are barriers is designed to protect your storefront by providing an unobstructed view of your building’s interior, which includes any store displays and merchandise.

Thieves are less likely to break in and steal your stuff if they can be seen from the street.

An added perk to this is that your products remain visible to upstanding citizens, 24/7. Which means they are more apt to come back the next day to buy what you have on your shelves.

If your business is located in a shopping mall, you’ll probably want to choose a security grille. This type of folding gate looks attractive while protecting your investments. These gates can either roll up or fold sideways during business hours. After hours, the grille will lock and close.

Security gates are often used for street access storefronts and are typically installed inside of your store behind the big glass windows. They are designed to be of an accordion-style so you can easily open and close them.

Lastly, security shutters are solid and obscure views into the store’s interior. If your merchandise is high-profile such as jewelry or gold, you’ll want to opt for a folding security shutter of this nature.

The Winter Solstice Means Less Sunlight At Earlier Times

You might be saying to yourself, “so what’. What do earlier sunsets have to do with theft? Well, that’s simple; thieves and vandals like to work in the dark so they can’t be seen. When fall and winter come rolling around, the days grow shorter. This calls for added protection of your storefront.

Folding security gates can provide you with the extra layer of protection that you need to keep thieves away. These types of gates are very sturdy, and their durability is no match for a robber or someone wishing to do your business harm in the dark.

Authority Dock & Door Has All The Folding Security Gates That You Need

We understand that being a store owner is a big responsibility because we are one ourselves. Keeping your investment safe and sound with folding security gates can give you the peace of mind that you need during those cold, dark winter months. Contact our friendly staff today with your questions and concerns about any of our security products.

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