Storefront Door Security Options for Your Commercial Business

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The days of leaving your doors unlocked are long gone, and this sentiment couldn’t be more real in terms of your business. When it comes to storefront door security options, you want something protective with high visibility. Security grilles, gates, and shutters are anti-theft and anti-vandalism accessories that keep your store and merchandise protected.

When these security gates and grilles are implemented, you’ll have an unobstructed view of your store’s interior, displays, and goods. Another perk of transparent security grilles is that you’ll be able to advertise your business around the clock, which is an excellent way to reach new customers.

Security Gates

If your business can be accessed from the street, security gates may be a wise storefront door security option. Gates are typically installed inside the building behind the glass storefront windows. Designed with an accordion-style structure, you can open and close them with ease. When opened, the gate conveniently rests at the sides of the storefront windows.

Security Grilles

When a business is located inside of a mall or similar building, security grilles are the best choice in terms of storefront security options. They are created to look aesthetic, while providing a high level of protection for your store. Conveniently, grilles can either be rolled up or folded sideways during business hours and then closed and locked after hours.

Another place that security grilles are commonly used is at entrances such as those found within underground parking structures and high-rise buildings or apartments as this allows total control of who is entering.

Shutters as A Storefront Door Security Option

Security shutters are different from grilles and gates because they sport a solid structure and do not provide any visibility to the interior of your store after business hours. You’ll find that shutters are an excellent security measure if you work in the jewelry industry. When dealing with high-profile merchandise, it’s best to not have transparent security gates as a way of deterring theft.

Schools also commonly use shutters over other security methods when it comes to recreational concession stands.

Benefits for Businesses

Security grilles, gates, and shutters are the first line of defense when protecting your business from theft and vandalism. The harder it is for potential thieves to break in the less likely they will continue with their plan to burglarize your store. Keep in mind that transparent gates and grilles provide advertisement for your store during off-hours.

Authority Dock & Door offers a variety of customizable security grilles, gates, and shutters to choose from. Your store will see the most security benefits by picking an option that is right for your industry and location.

Protect Your Investments with Our Storefront Door Security Options

We understand the need for protecting your store from vandalism and theft. Authority Dock & Door takes protective measures very seriously, which is why we offer an array of storefront door security options. Contact us today so we can discuss whether a security gate, grille, or shutter system will be beneficial for your shop or building.

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