How To Choose The Right Traffic Impact Swinging Door

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traffic impact swinging door

Is your business missing the wide range of benefits that come with having a traffic impact swinging door? Traffic impact swinging doors can be beneficial in businesses of all types and a wide range of industries. You can commonly find these doors in warehouses, restaurants, commercial kitchens, retail stores, grocery stores, and more, helping to improve the comfort, safety, and efficiency of everyday operations.

What Are Traffic Impact Swinging Doors?

Traffic impact swinging doors are manufactured to stand up to the high impact of personnel, stock carts, pallet jacks, and forklifts in a wide range of commercial uses. They provide a barrier between spaces but easily allow two ways of traffic and can come with windows that allow for visibility and increased safety.

Traffic impact swinging doors from Authority Dock & Door are NSL certified and meet USDA sanitation requirements. They are also corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for cleaning, standing up to harsh chemicals, and repelling moisture.

Choosing The Right Traffic Impact Swinging Door For You

Whether you operate or work in a commercial kitchen, restaurant, retail store, a warehouse, or something else, it’s important to choose the right one for your specific business to improve efficiency, safety, and durability. To determine your exact needs, you need to figure out:

  • Who will be using the door?
  • What equipment will be going through the door?
  • How often will the door be used?
  • What size door do you need?
  • Are there special environmental needs, such as for use in a freezer or cooler, or a heated or air-conditioned space?
  • What regulations do you require?

Traffic impact swinging doors are available in both single and double door styles, as well as in a variety of colors to match your building and style. There are also accessories available for your specific business’ needs, such as kick plates, teardrop bumpers, and cart guards.

When it comes to accessories to add on, there are benefits to each of the available accessories, depending on your traffic and use. Kick plates are helpful for protecting the bottom of the doors and keep them from scuffing.

Kick plates are typically useful for all applications, and teardrop bumpers protect door panels from high impact. Cart guards are especially useful for businesses that use carts for added durability against cart impact.

Get Help Choosing Your Traffic Impact Swinging Door Today

When it comes to choosing the right traffic impact swinging door for your business and industry, Authority Dock & Door can help. We have a variety of materials and accessories to meet your specific needs and application, and we will be your guide in helping you determine exactly how to utilize this specific type of door for your business. Let us help you design the perfect one to optimize your day-to-day operations.

No matter your needs or application, Authority Dock & Door will help you be successful. Contact us through our website today or call 877-247-2935 to speak to a team member now. Be sure also to like us on Facebook to stay in touch!

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