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Insulated Coiling Overhead Doors Offer Energy Efficiency and More to Warehouses

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insulated coiling overhead doors

Insulated coiling overhead doors are another way to protect your facility and maintain a quality working environment for your employees. They are excellent at providing energy savings for whatever building they are installed on. While energy savings are one of the more obvious reasons for using this style of door, they provide many other benefits to companies that incorporate them into their warehouses. Let’s examine how this particular style of door is the best choice for any commercial building.

How is an Insulated Coiling Overhead Door Different from Other Styles of Doors?

All overhead doors open all the way to the ceiling. Many roll up or slide up when they open. Coiling overhead doors roll into a coiled barrel that rests at the top of the door frame, either on the outside or inside of the door frame. They don’t rest against the ceiling like other styles of overhead doors. Even though they roll into a coiled shape, their design can still include flexible insulation. Insulated Coiling overhead doors can also be fire rated.

Why Choose an Insulated Coiling Overhead Door Versus Other Styles of Doors?

Sectional and coiled doors operate similarly. The main difference, as mentioned above, is that sectional doors rest up against the ceiling while coiled doors are rolled into a barrel. If you have low ceilings or don’t have a lot of space around your door frame, coiling doors are a great solution for you. You won’t have to worry as much about how much space the door needs.

Here are some other reasons to consider insulated coiling overhead doors:

  • Noise-reducing- these doors help block out unwanted noise that can be a nuisance or a distraction to your workers.
  • Keep out pests and air pollutants- these doors do a great job at keeping out environmental elements that you don’t want in your facility. Bugs and other pests are a distraction to workers and could also destroy your product. Dust and other airborne pollutants are a similar type of menace in the workplace.
  • Temperature control- even when they are not insulated, coiled overhead doors help keep a commercial facility at a consistent temperature. Reducing temperature fluctuations means electric bills won’t vary wildly.
  • Security- these doors are sturdy enough to offer protection in the instance of an intruder. They also offer fast closure to ward off intruders in that manner as well.
  • Sturdy- these doors can withstand the elements and still protect your warehouse. They are designed to handle wild swings in temperature as well as weather elements like driving rain and hail.

Save the Headaches and Contact Authority Dock & Door with Your Insulated Coiling Overhead Door Needs

The team at Authority Dock & Door has multiple years of experience working with commercial facilities and helping them determine what insulated coiling overhead door meets their needs. Our sales professionals know what questions to ask to make sure you get the product best suited for your facility. Contact us today to learn more about our products and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest news.