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Key Benefits of Strip Curtains

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strip curtains

Whether you’re hoping to improve productivity, increase energy-efficiency, or promote enhanced workplace safety, PVC strip curtains are an ideal solution for businesses across various commercial and industrial markets.

At Authority Dock & Door, strip curtains are one of the most popular products we sell. They offer a full range of impressive benefits while maintaining a simple, easy-to-install design and low-cost price tag.

If you’re wondering whether these secondary barriers are right for your business, there are several key advantages you should know about.

What are PVC Strip Curtains?

Before you can hear about the beneficial qualities of PVC strip curtains, it’s important to figure out exactly what they are.

Made from heavy-duty plastic, strip door curtains consist of several bendable plastic pieces that span across the doorways in your facility. They are easy to maneuver through and can be customized to fit any door-frame you need them for.

Benefit #1: Safety

Since strip curtains are transparent, you’ll always know what or who is coming from the other side. This feature will help reduce the number of workplace accidents that occur because employees can’t see on the other side of the door.

Benefit #2: Energy-Efficiency

From area-to-area within your warehouse or facility, there’s a good chance you’ll need to keep the air at varying temperatures. When these spaces aren’t separated, it forces your HVAC units and heating systems to work on overdrive to maintain interior temperatures.

When using a plastic strip curtain, a barrier is created, which helps prevent hot or cold air from seeping into other areas in your facility. Not only does this ensure you have optimal temperature-control, but it will also help reduce monthly energy bills.

Benefit #3: Improved Productivity

While opening and closing doors might not seem like significant tasks, it can interfere with your employees’ daily productivity. Plus, traditional doors can be harder to work around when you’re driving commercial equipment.

With plastic strip curtains, however, you will be able to create more streamlined and convenient operations that will help your employees get their jobs done faster.

Benefit #4: Contaminant Control

Whether you’re concerned about dirt, pests, or other air pollutants making their way into your facility, installing a strip curtain can help. These high-quality plastic curtains will create a barrier that keeps insects and debris outside where they belong.

Is a PVC Strip Curtain a Good Option for Your Business?

When planning your commercial facility’s layout, it’s critical to find the best equipment for your individual requirements. For many business owners, PVC strip curtains are one of those options.

If you’re concerned about temperature control, air pollutants, and employee safety, installing a strip curtain is ideal for solving the problem. These incredible products yield tons of great benefits that can be helpful to business owners across several different industries.

Don’t settle for just any commercial doors or curtains in your facility. You deserve a functional and high-quality option that’s sure to help you get your job done right. That’s where the strip curtains at Authority Dock & Door come in!