What Are Strip Door Curtains And Their Benefits

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If you’re looking for a way to save some money and improve the productivity of your business at the same time, consider installing PVC strip curtains. These useful additions to a standard doorway aren’t just for show; they can help you save money, control the temperature of your workspace, and allow your workers to be even more productive and improve workplace safety. Let’s dive into a thorough examination of what exactly strip door curtains are and how they can benefit you.

What Are Strip Door Curtains?

Strip door curtains are transparent, bendable strips of plastic that can be installed in any open doorway to act as a secondary barrier or door replacement. These plastic strip curtains have a multitude of excellent benefits.

Strip door curtains are much more flexible than regular doors and allow you to walk or drive through them with a minimum of effort. Because they are see-through, there’s also less danger of collisions or potential employee injury. The strip door curtains are made of a durable plastic material that is flexible enough to bend but is also strong enough to last for a long time and maintain overall shape despite heavy use.

PVC strip curtains can be installed along cooler or freezer doors or any other doorways that you specify. The system can be designed to fit any doorway, because they come in a wide variety of widths, they can fit a variety of business needs and can be installed in the ways that are most effective for your business.

Summary: Strip door curtains are flexible strips of plastic that are hung from a doorway. They act as a secondary barrier that can maintain their shape to prevent contaminants from spreading, but can allow easy passage for employees.

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How Can They Benefit Your Business?

Strip door curtains can benefit your business in a few key ways that will have lasting effects for the prosperity of both your overall budget and your employees.

The primary benefit of plastic strip curtains comes from the temperature controlling effect that they possess. Because they act as a secondary barrier, they perform a similar function as traditional doors in that they stop air from different rooms, which may be at different temperatures, from mixing easily. This is handy because thermodynamics means that any air which is hotter than surrounding air will eventually become cooler as heat transfers from particle to particle.

This can have an expensive effect on your business since your air conditioning or heating machinery will need to work harder to maintain an optimal working temperature, as air from different rooms mingles and mixes. This can be particularly beneficial if you have freezer or cooler rooms inside your business. Plastic strip curtains can help them maintain their cooler internal temperature without making the rest of your building too cold.

Installing strip door curtains at the doorways into these rooms will allow you to keep your working space, for the majority of your employees, at a comfortable ambient temperature, while still allowing your freezer room to be frigid.

Since you’ll spend less energy fighting the internal temperature of your environment, you’ll save electricity in the long run and thus your business will be more profitable.

Plastic strip doors have another benefit in that they can stop dust or insects from entering rooms where they might be a bother or a danger. If you have a room where heavy or delicate machinery needs to remain sterile, using strip door curtains can ensure that bugs or small dust particles don’t accidentally drift inside and cause harm to the machinery.

Furthermore, strip door curtains can assist with the flow of your workspace because of their see-through nature. Since they are transparent, workers can see who is coming on the other side and can maintain optimal speed as they move to and from the room. You’ll also reduce the likelihood that workers will injure each other in a sudden impact or collision.

This can be of great benefit for a loading dock or receiving bay, where workers are often moving product or material inside and outside. In this way, you get the temperature controlling benefit PVC strip curtains along with the safety they provide to the workers who can see where they are going at all times.

Summary: Strip door curtains can benefit your business by allowing you to more easily control your temperature, allow your workers to see where they’re going, and prevent insects or dust from entering sensitive spaces.

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What Kinds Of Businesses Are They Good For?

Strip door curtains are amazing for many different businesses, although they will have different focuses and primary advantages depending on the nature of that business.

For instance, groceries can make good use of strip door curtains for their temperature and traffic flow effects. Employees are always moving product to and from the selling floor; installing strip door curtains can allow them to do this more quickly and fluidly than before. In addition, groceries make use of freezer rooms to keep meat products at a safe temperature. Using strip curtain doors can allow you to more cheaply keep the selling floor at a comfortable temperature for customers and workers. You can also keep a freezer room temperature as cold as needed.

Warehouses and factories can also benefit because they often have a large amount of space to keep at a comfortable temperature. Since they are also often bringing in outside product or material, installing strip door curtains at key junctures or exits can allow you to save electricity relating to temperature and allow employees to move more quickly to and from the building.

Any business that utilizes machinery or that has sterile environments, will make good use of the ability of strip door curtains to prevent insects or small dust particles from entering rooms where they are not wanted.

Summary: Plastic strip curtains are great additions for groceries, or any place that has a lot of space to keep a comfortable temperature at once.

Get The Ball Rolling On Your PVC Strip Curtains Today

If you have some issues to address with climate control, insect issues or problems with debris from one working area to another, strip curtains could be an excellent solution. There’s no doubt about it; strip door curtains are excellent additions to virtually any business.

Rather than waiting, why not get a jump-start on saving money and improving your productivity? Still have questions? We are here to help! Contact us today so we can address any concerns you have or we can get started right away! Visit our Facebook page and be sure to like and follow us!

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