Security Gates And Grilles: Everything You Need To Know

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A good security gate or grille can add to the security of your business while still promoting the product inside. Whereas shutters and opaque doors close off your business to the public while you’re not around, gates or grilles allow air and light to continue to filter through. While the public can’t get to your store, they can still window-browse, which might increase your sales over time.

Both of these security barriers are worthwhile investments that could be a great addition to your business’ security suite. Let’s take a look at what each can offer you.


Types Of Security Gates And Their Benefits

There are several styles of security gates to choose from. One is accordion-style which can be pushed aside to fold into thinner segments to be held against the wall while your business is open. These gates can then be expanded into their full size either at the end of the day or when you’re temporarily closed for business. Another style is sliding, which slides to the side on a track to open and close.

Security gates use bars that allow air to pass through and light to go in and out. This can enhance the natural lighting of your establishment while still promoting safety and security.

You can use security gates to protect your business at either the front or back end of your business. Because gates are made from tough metallic materials, they’re not easy to get through. They’re ideal protective countermeasures for all kinds of businesses, including hotels, street-front stores, cafeteria windows, and parking garages.

In addition, you can use security gates for smaller areas than whole doors. You can use half-gates which can cover a window for customer-facing employees. This allows you to close the window when you’re not open, lowering the chance of vandalism or theft since no one will be able to get through the rails or bars.

Security gates can be used in front of or behind glass doors and windows to act as a second line of defense against vandalism and similar security issues. This is because their gaps between the bars are large enough for poles or narrow arms to reach through to take your product. If they are placed behind glass doors, they act as a deterrent for anyone unwise enough to try to smash their way through.

Summary: Security gates can be accordion-style patterned barriers or sliding barriers that can be used both in front of, or behind glass doors and windows, as well as installed at entrance points of your business.


Types Of Security Grilles And Their Benefits

Security grilles are similar to gates but their design is subtly different. Instead of being only side-to-side and having interlocked patterns with their metal bars, security grilles use repeated block or brick patterns of bars to promote visibility and airflow while still providing security to your business.

Grilles can be made to open up and down or side-to-side depending on your preferences. They can be customized to fit the doorway of your business or the window of your customer service desk, therefore allowing protection to be extended to different sectors inside your business should you require that kind of security.

Security grilles don’t use a rack to function as a guide during their slide. Instead, they often come with a compact storage coil or module to the side or above that they can be packed into during the day or business hours. This allows them to take up a minimum of space while you’re ready for customers.

These kinds of grilles are ideal for all kinds of businesses, especially those in malls where the gate might be expected to fit a kind of décor. The grilles can be customized for different metallic finishes or colors to mix with any palette.

Summary: The bars on security grilles are brick or block in pattern and can open from side to side or top to bottom. They can be customized to fit your business’ color palette or style and are great for mall shops.

Good Maintenance Steps To Prevent Malfunctions

Both security gates and security grilles rely on a rolling or folding function to compress and expand as you use them each day. Therefore, they require maintenance over time to prevent them from malfunctioning.

Security gates use a rack on their top and bottom to act as a guide for their movement as they expand to cover your business door. This rack should be oiled, as should the wheels of your security gate bars, with an eco-friendly material that won’t stick or solidify over time. The oil will act as a lubricant and promote easy gliding across the surface. In addition, the joints of the gate bars should be oiled as well, since they’ll be folding into each other over and over.


Security grilles should also receive a little oil in their coils at their tops or sides. They collapse into the coils at the beginning of each day, and oil will spread over the metal parts and promote smooth movement no matter how many times you use them.

Both gates and grilles need to be cleaned frequently, as it’s highly likely that people will place their hands on them throughout the day. When you clean them, it’s imperative that you dry them completely once you’re done scrubbing off dirt and grime. This is because rust can form if you allow moisture to collect and linger on a metal surface. This will seriously degrade the lifespan of your gate or grille.

Summary: Clean your gates or grilles frequently and make sure that they are dry before you close them to prevent rusting. Oil both of their movement vectors to promote smooth function each day.

Security Gates And Grilles Improve Your Business

Both security gates and grilles are excellent choices for improving the security of your business. Use security gates in front of or behind glass windows, or if you have product that’s far away. Meanwhile, security grilles are perfect for mall-front stores or to promote a certain style without sacrificing security.

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