The Ultimate Loading Dock Leveler Guidebook

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Loading Dock Leveler

When you run a warehouse or distribution center, it goes without saying that you will have large trucks arrive at your loading dock that doesn’t line up perfectly with your structure. That is going to happen pretty frequently. How you handle it will make the difference.

You will need to make sure you have loading dock levelers installed that can handle any situation. Without adequate equipment to solve the problem, you risk damages to the product, and the people unloading it.

What Are Loading Dock Levelers?

Loading dock levelers help level out the height difference between the loading dock and the incoming trailer. More often than not, these two objects will not line up perfectly. The difference between the two could cause anything from a slight gap to a tremendous amount of space in between them.

Dock levelers help even that out and make it easier and safer for freight to pass in between the two. If you don’t use the proper leveler, you run the risk of damaging your forklift and causing injuries to the driver of the lift. There could also be damage to the product that is being transported.

Loading dock levelers save you time, money, and reduce your liability. While they require more upfront capital to install, there are better long-term benefits to using dock levelers as opposed to dock plates.

Different Types of Loading Dock Levelers and Their Benefits

Dock levelers are not one size fits all. Let’s examine the different types and see how they can benefit your business.

Pit Style Loading Dock Levelers– this type of leveler is what you need to offset a significant difference in the height of your loading dock versus a vehicle. These levelers help mitigate that difference and help forklifts or other moving vehicles have a safe and smooth passage between the two. There are both air and hydraulic versions of this particular leveler.

Vertical style loading dock levelers– these are ideal for anyone who needs complete climate control on their deliveries. Because the truck usually backs up to the building first, before the door is opened, these allow a seal between the building and the trailer, keeping the climate at the ideal temperature for the delivery, and pollutants out.

Edge of dock levelers– these are recognized as a cost-effective solution to bridge the gap between delivery trucks and your dock. These work the best when there are small variances in the height of the delivery truck and the height of your dock.

Only you can decide what is best for your business. Assess what situations you encounter the most, and purchase the equipment that you need the most often.

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