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Advantages Of The Different Types Of Loading Dock Equipment

loading dock equipment

Your loading dock is where all of the magic happens. It’s where transport begins and ends. Producing the product, and packing it up–it’s only half the battle. The other half involves loading and unloading your products quickly and carefully and finding the best way to make a difficult job run a little bit smoother. There are four important pieces of loading dock equipment that can make all of this happen.

Loading Dock Levelers

Loading dock levelers are platforms that play a crucial role in the loading process. It allows smooth delivery between forklifts (or other industrial vehicles) and transport trucks. Moreover, levelers prevent serious accidents that could cause damage to the forklift, its operator and the your product.

There are three types of loading dock levelers that you might consider purchasing. Those are pit style, vertical style, and edge of dock levelers. Pit style levelers reduce the amount of bumpiness that can occur during movement between the loading dock and the transport truck. They’re perfect for accommodating trailers of various sizes.

Vertical style levelers allow the transport truck to back completely into the loading dock door. It provides a tight seal between the entrance of the loading dock and the transport vehicle. Finally, the edge of the dock levelers is a smaller, low-cost, less traffic option compared to the others. They are still just as effective.

Shelters & Seals

Loading dock shelters and seals can be lifesavers for your wallet, thermostat, and bad weather. Two types of loading dock seals are: compression seals and inflatable seals. Compression seals create a foam-filled compression around the transport vehicle.

This helps with maintaining a steady climate within your warehouse, and it saves energy and money in the long run. Inflatable seals provide the same benefits as compression seals, but they can be inflated to provide padding that protects the facility walls while also tightening around the trailer for a firm seal.

Loading dock shelters are simply shelters that provide protection from the elements while employees are moving to and from the transport truck on the loading dock. It prevents damage to goods, equipment, and workers through bad weather and extreme temperatures.

Vehicle Restraints

Vehicle restraints are another important part of the loading dock. The purpose of vehicle restraints is to keep the trailer in place while workers move to and from the truck. It’s important to have that stability, especially when forklifts and other industrial vehicles are involved.

Anything that can cause the truck to bounce or jolt while on the loading dock can be a huge danger to workers and equipment. Three common vehicle restraints to check out are hydraulic, mechanical, and electric.

Authority Dock & Door Loading Dock Equipment

It’s important that your loading dock process is safe, smooth, and efficient. Authority Dock & Door can make that happen. In addition to loading dock levelers, shelters and seals, and vehicle restraints, we also offer a number of other loading dock accessories including, traffic loading dock lights, fans, control panels, and light communication packages.

For more information on our loading dock products, don’t hesitate to contact us here. Be sure to follow us on Facebook for more loading dock equipment information.