Why Preventative Maintenance Programs Are So Beneficial

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preventative maintenance programs

Preventative maintenance is a must-have for businesses. It ensures that both your tools and equipment run at their optimal capacity and efficiency. This sort of maintenance usually includes the cleaning and adjusting of parts of your machinery so they can run smoothly.

And by choosing to take a preventative approach, you are giving yourself peace of mind and sparing yourself from any unpleasant surprises. Here are some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to take care of your equipment.

The Benefits Of Preventative Maintenance Programs

You keep your work environment safe. By choosing to regulate and maintain your equipment consistently, you won’t be dealing with unpredictability. Taking this approach ensures that your safety standards increase and that you can protect your workers from any accidents that may arise due to poor maintenance.

Your operations run smoothly. By taking care of your equipment, you ensure that it runs according to plan. This allows you to run your business in a way that’s streamlined and drastically reduces the chances of having an equipment breakdown or malfunction.

You keep productivity levels steady. When you take care of your equipment, you avoid all of the downtime and delays that used to occur as a result of poor maintenance.

Your equipment lifespan increases. As soon as a business purchases equipment, it calculates how long it’s going to last and when it needs to get replaced. You can get more for your money by simply taking good care of it.

Your needs are easily met. There’s nothing better than having your equipment functioning properly when you need it. You can rest assured, knowing that it will work at any time.

Although maintenance programs can be used to cater to all of your business needs, some things are used more than others and therefore require more attention. That’s why we specifically created a program for industrial doors and dock equipment.

Preventative Maintenance Programs For Doors

Sectional and Coiling Overhead Doors. As part of our maintenance program, if you damage a section of the door, there’s no need to get a new door – quite often just the damaged panel needs to be replaced. And although they are already sturdy, maintenance will ensure that it lasts longer and doesn’t bring up any problems.

Safety Gates, Shutters, and Security Grilles. They are designed to provide security and visibility to your business by providing a limited view of your store’s interior and adding another layer of protection.

Preventative Maintenance Programs For Dock Equipment

Our program offers maintenance for:

Dock Equipment

  • Dock levelers
  • Pit style loading levelers: reduce any bumps and bouncing that occur so you can keep your equipment, products, and forklift drivers safe.
  • Vertical style dock levelers: ensure the seal is there at all times, thus increasing safety and cleanliness.
  • Edge of dock levelers

Loading Dock Seals and Shelters

  • Compression loading dock seals: decrease costs by maintaining climate control.
  • Inflatable dock seals and shelters: ensure consistency in your facility’s temperature.
  • Loading dock shelters: keeps you protected from snow, debris, wind, and rain.

Want To Learn How To Implement A Preventative Maintenance Program?

The best part of our maintenance program is that it protects you from significant headaches within your business. By keeping your equipment running smoothly and at its full capacity, you improve productivity, decrease costs, and streamline your processes.

Want to learn more about our preventative maintenance programs? Then stop by our Portland location, call us at 503-594-8968 or fill out our online form. Be sure to follow us on Facebook as well for more preventative maintenance program info and more!

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