Coiling Overhead Garage Doors

Overhead Coiling Door

Protect Your Commercial Facility with Coiling Overhead Garage Doors

Coiling Overhead Garage Doors offer a strong, reliable, and efficient solution for preventing air borne contaminants such as dust, pollution, insects or birds from entering your facility, as well as help maintain a constant temperature, reducing energy costs and improving your working environment.

Unlike sectional overhead doors that either roll up the wall vertically, or roll up against the ceiling when open, coiling overhead doors roll up into a barrel that is mounted either internally or externally at the top of the door. Typically, the barrel will be mounted on the inside for exterior doors, and on the outside for interior doors, but exceptions always apply.

They are available in both insulated and non-insulated styles, in a wide variety of styles, sizes, speeds and options, depending on your particular application. We, at Authority Dock and Door, can help you find the right door for your specific application and budget.

Improved Working Conditions

A good overhead garage door can prevent outside noise from entering a facility, as well as offer your workers comfortable working conditions, by maintaining a constant temperature throughout the year. The ability of insulated coiling overhead garage doors to maintain temperatures inside a facility leads to lower energy costs.

Let Authority Dock & Door Help You

Take your time and browse through the numerous coiling overhead garage doors we have available. Click on the ‘PDF’ of each choice to get a better view. We are sure to have an overhead garage door that meets your requirements.

Based in Portland, Authority Dock & Door has a highly trained team of experts that will work with you through the ordering, delivery, and installation process. Contact us for any questions you might have.